Twinkles in their voices

Their eyes light up with wonder

Chalk art on the sidewalk

Hide and Go Tag is their game

Keeping me on my toes

Strawberries and chocolate

Dripping from the kitchen chair

Belly laughs fill the air tonight

Stars fill their tiny eyes tonight

I remind them no one on earth

Bests them in anything they do

Nothing’s sweeter than Grammahood


Faceless Name

Swirling in sins

Dancing in my mind

Delusions wrapped around

Virtual telephone poles

Hiding behind a faceless name

A nameless face carries the shame

I feel all the blood drain far and away

Fears of tears spent on years of hiding

Castaway by the quill of my pen




Homespun Hymns

Skinny dipping with strawberries

Swirling bodies after the sand

Whirlpools of delight in your eyes

You sing to me homespun hymns

Odes to a life well spent if not misspent

Blending in with a bluesy backdrop of life

Ups and downs mired with ins and outs

Bringing me back to the center of your soul





Running on autopilot

The light is shining bright

Caution tape surrounds the scene

Approaching with trepidation

Only to knock and find no one

The property has been condemned

I look through the window

Into the empty vessel within

Decay and rot abound the palace

Walls are fractured to the point

All has crumbled in a heap of stones

Trapped inside with no hope of letting

The light inside glimmer through once more

Shadows of Fame

Surrounded in a veil of mystery

He comes to me with a cloak

Deftly darting in and out of my heart

Just enough light to cast a shadow

Through his dark brooding intensity

His duality binds him to this lifestyle

I dare never speak his name for shame

One day they love you the next day well

We all know how that sad story goes

The high price of guilt by association

There really is a thin line between fame and infamy



Rock and Roll Sex Hell

In blinding whiteness

A naked trio clings to life

Red feathers rain upon them

Holding horrors of their lives

Impish grins mock the grief

Stolen sweat from a lover

Bleeding hearts wail on and on

Adoration once bought

Entombs them in silence

Walled up in illusioned delusion

Within their Rock and Roll Sex Hell

Shakti Vivisection

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Shakti Vivisection

lap dance of the gods

so do it right and get

the bump and grind core 

action now


Standing in the midst

of the burning crowd

electric anger cooks

between the shoulderblades


The ax falls down

and the hunt is done

the animal cries its hurt and shame

for what it has become


The hunter moves

shameless, naked, alone

behind her countless masks

deformity, conformity, spears and shadows

wretched fools die once and ever more

sweep of the robes unfurling

gold-rimmed cloth descending

venom carved from the block

goes back to Brahman


Eyes rimmed by black

the moon’s skeleton

brimming forth with golden light

traces its magic

and the old man lies down

in the meat of the jewel


As the young dilate on their thrones

with passion still contriving

as stars trickle amber oil

on the anointed

Jesu Christos in mourning for…

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Seared within her soul

Memories of lifetimes

Lived centuries ago

Lovers have come

Lovers have gone

Leaving their imprint

Securely cast in her mind

One glance is all it takes

To crack open the window

Revealing hidden memories

Stored inside your heart and soul










The Playboy

He fancies himself

Quite the playboy

Full of vim and vigor

Juice and Jism a plenty

Believes his own line of BS

Perhaps he really is a young man’

On one side anyway, he is at least

In his twenties , the otherside is

Shall we say starting to show it’s age

Clap On Clap Off Keep On Clapping

Until it finally catches it and falls off


Your Scent

Your breath upon my neck

Kisses behind the ear

Fingers through my hair

I draw in your scent

Inhaling and exhaling

I know it all too well

It takes me from a flicker

To a roaring flame

You are mine from

Top to bottom