A Moth’s Tale

You  are the flame

I am destined to fly into

Time and time again

Unlike the Mindless Moth

I am aware of what is to come

The searing pain that you bring

I fly away with singed wings

Only to return time and again

Drawn to you and only you

Desire burns deep within my soul

I am the Moth and You are My Flamemoth

Beautiful Destruction

Fantasies mirror reality

We weave tales of lust

Strangers who met

Centuries and Incarnations

Ago, Over and over again

A deep yearning in the soul

Flickers rage into flames

Consuming all in it’s path

In your arms I find completion

My beginning , My Middle, My End



Domming The Roads

Hinder’s Lips of an Angel was playing on the radio while Michael drove down the freeway.  Driving mechanically, his mind was on his Mistress. Seems his mind was on her more often than not these days.  She was a flame haired beauty with eyes the colour of raging water. Voluptuous is a phrase often used on women like her, Michael just liked telling her that she had curves that could go all day, and she did. Buxom up top, full and ripe apple bottomed, An apple he wanted to devour.

Hello, It;s Me by Todd Rundgren came on and he knew he had to call her.

” Rosie, ” he said with a stirring in his voice.

” Yes, darling, are you driving?” she giggled.

:” I wanted to see how you were doing, ” he stammered with Love Her Madly by The Doors playing softly.

“Are You driving?” she laughed wickedly.

“On my way back from Chicago. What are you up to?” He asked nervously.

” I was having tea with Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb, They said we have nothing to be Guilty of, ” she giggled.

Michael could hear Killer Queen by Queen playing in the background. He knew she was up to something. She was dynamite with a Laser Beam, and at this point in their relationship could get him to do just about anything

” Don’t you wish I was there with you, Michael?she asked.

“Damn, that would be great,” he answered.

“I could lean in and wrap my breasts around your cock as I am giving you head, ” she cooed.

“Damn I am so Hard, now, “

” Good I want you to wank while you are driving down the road, ” She commanded,

Michael found a dark road just as Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones came on the radio. Putting the phone on speaker he could hear her moaning softly as her fingers traced her nipples and the tiny hardness of her clit.

“Stroke it hard for me. I want you to lick me, then bend me over.. Pull My hair, grab that juicy ass, and fuck me like the bitch that I am, “she ordered.

” Who’s the boss here? he asked lightheartedly.

“I am, but You are allowed to be My daddy when I say so, now give it to me!”

The excitement of hearing her purr orgasms into the phone, and driving down the road while masturbating at the same time got the best of him, Michael was near his boiling point.

” Mistress may I cum?” he begged.

“Yes,” she replied with a sigh..

His front seat and steering wheel were a jizz soaked mess. She was pleased indeed.


form a tight circle

last one in

first one out

a free pass

from the judge

jails are overcrowded

so they let you out

to dunk a donut

get a paper signed

some try to fit in

woe be to them

they form a tight circle

there’s no room for you

grab your paper friend

I’ve been at this for years

pious hypocrites that choose

who will benefit from what

was so freely given to them

by the way, the first one is on me406929_212906478801427_211077812317627_432950_76040418_n

straight through me

looking at myself

through his eyes

my eyes are dancing

shimmering lakes of light

tresses of curls cascade

down my bare shoulders

into the cleft of my cleavage

curves abound and astound him

he adores everything that is me

my scent, my shape, my soul

only he can look straight through meLisaToon

Being Matt’s Mom-World Autism Awareness

I was blessed, yes I say blessed to have a son who was diagnosed with Autism. He was growing normally, whatever normal is, I gave up on that word a long time ago, until around the age of 18 months. He then started missing milestones that typical peers were achieving. His babbling ceased, and he became mute. He seemed to be at a standstill developmentally. He exhibited odd behaviours socially, such as a vacant stare, thrashing himself about, acts of perseveration. ( repetitive rocking, and banging of his head) to the point where I put a helmet on him. He was seeing an old country doctor who told me there was nothing to worry about, boys are slower than girls. I knew it was much more than that, but was in denial.

His doctor having passed away, I took him to the general health district for vaccinations and they observed his behaviour, and reported his Autism to The Board Of MR/DD . I received a letter in the male stating that my son was diagnosed with AUTISM and would be receiving Government assistance, such as Medical and Money to purchase special equipment for his needs. I was livid. How dare they say that about my son, as if Autism were a bad word. I just refused to see the evidence in front of me, and wanted my son to be a Normal Child.  I phoned the nurse and asked her what I needed to do to help my son become Normal. She explained to me that there was no becoming Normal, I was heartbroken. She did put me in touch with very helpful Early Intervention Specialists who not only provided therapies for my son , but helped to educate me as well. I was going by stereotype information that I had heard from the fifties and sixties that Autism was caused from Refrigerator Mothers who did not care for their children. This is not what Autism is at all. Autism is a Developmental Disability. My Matt’s Autism was not caused by Me or Him. The important thing to remember in all of this is that I get him the VITAL THERAPIES he needed to help lead a productive life.

Once I got over my denial and self pity, yes I actually felt sorry for myself, and would drink myself to sleep every night after I put Matt to bed,  I found ways I could aid in Matt”s therapies. I made Facilitation Boards ( Pictures on Boards He Could Point To), and forced him to use them for things he wanted until he became verbal. Matt had Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. I also provided Music and Water Therapy. Today Music and Water Therapies are a Huge part of his life.

I learned that I had to be Matt’s Advocate and Speak for him when he could Speak for Himself. To Make Sure He received the Education he deserved, to make sure he was safe, and to always let him know he was loved.

Matt was 11 the first time he said “I love you ” to me.  He is 22 now, and says it everyday. I am blessed. He has taught me so much about love, patience, understanding, endurance, and determination.

Art Inspires Art

Art inspires Art

Melody touches the brush

Stoking the painter’s canvas

Weaving words from a picture

Art the universal language of love

Speaking words that dreamers

Dare not say in the dark of night

Deftly sculpting a Goddess of clay

Art inspires the Artist in us all


hurt me until I bleed

then I know it’s real

caught up in your twist

a skewered mind maze

contusions and abrasions

left  in a delusional phase

craving more of your pain

you have become my oxygen

I am lost inside of your world

wield your sharp blade upon my flesh

let me know that I am alive

Sweet Madness

You are eating my mind

making me insane

a delicious obsession

your words walk through

the corridors of my mind

leaving their footprint behind

I am overwhelmed by your scent

I can taste your sweetness

sweet madness is what you are


Aces and Eights

deal me in

let’s keep it rolling

drinking sweet moonshine

from mason jars

a smokey backroom

down the cellar stairs

he wheels and deals

be careful he knows the game

you’ll lose your shirt

maybe even your car

the stakes are high

just some good ol’ country boys

letting off some steam

damn somebody just

got dealt aces and eights


R.I.P  Walker Adams , My Dear Uncle, I love you, thanks for all the love…xx