The Way of The Mistress

While servicing one of my clients today, I came right out and asked him if I was his Mistress when our session was over. He laughed a rather naughty and wicked little laugh.  I adore him, and always have.  He is fun and quirky and can has a keen sense of rhythm.  Infact, out of all the boys in the band I think he is my all time favourite.  Naturally, I asked him what he meant.

” Having a Mistress isn’t exactly something you claim. It’s more like something you deny.”

Seems my singer in a rock and roll band is just a tad bit smarter than a few pro athletes and politicians I won’t mention here.

Nothing is sexier than intelligence.

He knows where to come to make all of the stress go away. Through submission to me, his power is released in a beautiful symphony known as Total Power Exchange. During our sessions he worships and adores me, living only to please me, and follows my commands to the letter.

Because of these therapy sessions he is not a neurotic mess, or drug addicted waste of oxygen. He is able to thrive in the high demanding world of his fast paced career.

Time spent with a good Mistress can achieve the same affects as a therapist, so long as your Mistress is learned, and not a treacherous money grubbing financial dominatix, of whom I have no respect.  A truly good Mistress will break you down. Test your limits, but at the same time build you back up and restore your self worth to increase your productivity in the world. This is the way of the Mistress.

Blinding Lust as told by The Spider and The Fly


Creeping Closer


Enjoying the surroundings a little more. Maybe too much..I don’t know. I have this feeling of, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.


But you do it anyway.


I head for the exit.


Yet something draws you back.


A string perhaps?


A silken one


Silken Finery. Oh, so exquisite.


Feels divine against your skin.


Oh, yes. So divine, indeed.


I wrap you gently in one of the threads, whispering softly all the while.


So Nice. Your voice as sweet as nectar.




Arousing sweetness with a bit of lust, I begin to get lost in the excitement.


Until you are bound by the thread.


Wait a minute. Bound! This was all so nice.


Look around. You are in the middle of an intricate web.


It was just silk. Your silky sweet voice, and silky sweet voice.


Lust blinds.


Swollen wants and  desires I can move. It’s just silk.


Sticky Silk. Made sticky by your wanton desire. Try to move.


Writhes along the web. Binding? Lust still grows.


I can spin it as fast as you want me to.


Lust binds so trickily. I am hopelessly stuck.


You My darling, are Ensnared.


Yes, My Sexy Spider. You are all powerful and I am helpless.


Like A Fly in a Web.


Cased up, unmoving and helpless. Listening to the hiss of your voice as I await my fate.


In a silken cocoon, giving me your life force.


Looking at your venomous fangs, a mixture of horror and adrenaline rush through my body as I realize that we will soon become one.


I move in closer.


I am immobile. My heart races, and my mind swirls. The lust in my soul intensifies at the thought of becoming one with you.


Here it comes. The sting of venom swirls through your body in an orgasmic rush.


Feeling the venom circulate throughout my body, my mind and my soul. It gets stronger with every heartbeat. I am one with you. One with you, at your service, for your pleasure.


The Real Eunuchs of Beverly Hills

Having financially dominated their husbands to the hilt and rendering them to nothing more than Trophy Husbands who spit out money like ATM machines, Sharon, Mary, Patti, and Nancy were meeting for lunch one day when they spotted one of their neutered husbands strolling down the street with me.

“Patti, that  looked an awful lot like your husband , Graham, walking down the street with that leather clad woman,” Nancy chided, sipping on her glass of wine.

“Don’t be silly. Graham knows we have to keep up appearances for our TV Reality show, ” Patti said, trying to explain it away.

Patti knew the truth. Her husband Graham was walking down the street with his Mistress.  Their marriage was a complete sham and they were staying together so that Patti could have her fifteen minutes of fame , so to speak. Patti could not give her husband what he needed, and yearned for. Sure . she was a money hungry bitch, but she lacked the soul and depth it to took to provide proper guidance and discipline that a man in power needs to help him unwind through a Total Power Exchange. Graham was Owned by his Mistress, and was getting tired of living the lie with Patti.

That evening at home Patti confronted Graham and a heated altercation of words ensued.

“How dare you parade your whore up and down Rodeo Drive for everyone to see. I have a reputation in this town!” Patti shrieked like a harpee.

“First of all, she is not my whore. I am her whore.  I will do what ever she suggests to relieve my stress. I work for a living, unlike you who simply spends every last dime I make.  You give me nothing in return and she sustains me. I owe her my existence, because of her I am reading for parts again, my self esteem and confidence have returned.”

“I demand you sever all ties with this woman at once if you want to keep me. You better think long and hard about this, because we will lose our Reality TV Show if this shit gets out you kinky son of a bitch!”Patti screamed desperately.

“Patti, look the show ran its’ course.  Now it is time to bury it  along with our marriage. Oh, don’t worry, I will give you a nice little settlement. I just want my life back. I need to work, and my mistress has me ready to do that.”

Graham and Patti did divorce, and she lost her little Reality TV show, so sad. Graham now has an acting gig for a cable network.

A Powerful Mistress can and will bring a man back to life….

Fly In a Web

Fly Inaweb: Feeling better?

Spider: yes, a little

Fly Inaweb: that’s good

Spider: how are you today and thanks for asking My Fly

Fly Inaweb: allright…Scary Spider

Spider: you just starting your day

Fly Inaweb: kinda…( …admires the parlor… )

Spider: I am weaving some fine silk in the corner over here

Fly Inaweb: oh…nice…  silk is nice…  over there, in the corner…uhm  well..Ishouldn’t…but…  it does look like nice silk

Spider: Would you like to touch it? It does feel nice.

Fly Inaweb: oh…i shouldn’t…  it feels nice? it looks nice…

Spider: Don’t you Trust Me?

Fly Inaweb: uhm…well…You are big and powerful, and … well…uhm…  You are very powerful…  uhm…no…I shouldn’t: I…uhm…

Spider: Just touch it

Fly Inaweb: soo silky…: to stroke the silk…  …but… Fly Inaweb: It’s kinda sticky…  whoa…really sticky

Spider: Just a little bit sticky Isn’t the pattern pretty and mesmerizing

Fly Inaweb: yes…pretty  like You , mesmerising and pretty. It is so smooth  …what a pattern… mesmerizing

Spider: Come closer, my Darling

Fly Inaweb: oh, you are so kind

Spider: Yes, My darling, . Come Into the Mesmerizing Pattern

Fly Inaweb: it is so nice, what a pattern… : soothing…

Spider: feel it’s Hypnotic effects

Fly Inaweb: it does feel that way. …just drifting into smoothness…  so so so nice .So beautiful… like You… so beautiful  soo…sweet


Fly Inaweb: uh…wha?…nice…  and…smooth… …did You say something?

Spider: YOU ARE NOW IN THE MIDDLE OF A WEB! LOOK you foolish FLY (laughs wickedly)

Fly Inaweb: ok… what?  look at what?

Spider: I have ENSNARED you in my silky web.You are right in the middle

Fly Inaweb: …oh…

Spider:hopelessly stuck , helplessly

Fly Inaweb: wait…

Spider: with no way out

Fly Inaweb: i can wake up… i think…  uhm…: ugh…can’t move : <>  just the web…me…and You…


Fly Inaweb: <> Fly Inaweb: <> Fly Inaweb: just the web, me…and You

lisadabrowski70: HOPLESS, HELPLESS


Fly Inaweb:  no hope…to move Fly Inaweb: and…at Your mercy..


Fly Inaweb: gulps


Fly Inaweb: …nods head… lift my chin,  to allow it to be…  the collar feeling…soo… : silky


Fly Inaweb: …now my neck, encircled…my life.. in Your hands…


Fly Inaweb: …and so it is gulping a swallow down a neck…encircled by silken collar

My Darling…xx

A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto ...

A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My darling is as creatively gifted as I am.  I am The Romantic Sadist to his Loving Masochist.  He suffers for me, tears of love and adoration stream down his face when he looks upon me. My Darling knows that I practice Loving Cruelty, and everything I do is because I love him.  His flesh is willing and he withstands any amount of torment I deliver to him.

flawlessly I perform a Total Power Exchange. He gives me what I need, and I take all from him. He lives for me, gives me his all. He is strengthened by my presence in his life.  Performing the art of Submission has made him a stronger man, and he knows he owes it all to his Adoring Mommy.

” Mommy, please let me suffer for  you?” he pleaded.

Aroused by his presence, I commanded him to orally serve me. his tongue encircled my throbbing clitoris, licking it, lapping at it like a dog. I held tight to his head, pulling his hair nearly out by the roots as I clamped down on his eager tongue. Grinding my fleshy mound into his face, I began to ride his tongue. His face was my own personal pleasure toy, with the aid of his tongue, I reached an astounding orgasm, and began to squirt, covering him in my juices.

I felt his raging erection on my leg, I wanted to feel him inside me.  I screamed for him to enter me. He was obedient, and swift and plunged into me. I scratched at his back, clawing as he pounded me. I took a bloody fingernail and inserted it into  his mouth. He wept on my breast, which furthered my excitement. I wrapped my legs around him, digging my high heeled shoes into his back. Again he wept. I felt complete orgasmic delight.

His eyes shown in the light, and looking into them I could see my adoring partner.

“Cum for Mommy!” I commanded.

He exploded within me, streams upon streams of his very being flooded me.

Looking into my eyes with complete devotion, he proclaimed my ownership over him.

” Mommy I live and breathe for you. You own me. Mind, Body and Soul.”

Mistress Rosie’s Patrolman

British Columbia Provincial Police officer, is...

British Columbia Provincial Police officer, issuing a ticket to an enamoured motorist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right on time, My Patrolman picked me up when his shift ended at six am.

“Mistress, I have had a rough night, and am in need of domming,” he said squirming in the cruiser.

“Then Domming is what you shall have, darling.” I replied.

I so enjoyed making him squirm, he was a terrible bastard on the streets. Excessive force, threw his weight around like he owned the town. He took great pleasure in tossing perps in the back, pulling over to a secluded location, and brutalizing them. I often wondered if he were a switch. One thing I did know was that the son of a bitch deserved everything I gave him.

” Here we are, ” he said, opening the door for me.

He immediately knew what was expected of him. Going into the bedroom he disrobed and knelt before me.

“That’s a good little slut. Now you Filthy Pig, recite the Mantra”

“Supreme Most High Goddess Mistress Rosie it is an honour to be in your presence. I am a lowly worthless pathetic slug which crawls on my belly like a piece of shit.

I worship and adore you Supreme Most high Goddess Mistress Rosie. Now that you have granted me session with you how can this lowly slut and nasty whore be of service to you today?

I live only to serve you, My Goddess, Oh Supreme Most High Goddess Mistress Rosie,” he spoke , his eyes fixed upon me.

I pulled his hair up by the roots, and guided his mouth to my dripping cunt. Hearing my mantra, always stirred something in me.

” Lick you nasty slut!” I ordered.

He licked feverishly, his tongue searching out my swollen clit, sucking it, teasing it.  grabbed his head and began fucking his face. Hard and fast. My juices were squirting everywhere. I made him lick me until I pissed right in his face.

“Thank you, Mistress, ” He said after I kicked him off of me.

“Bring me your nightstick, pig.”

“Yes, Mistress.” he answered me, handing over his nightstick.

“Assume the position, Bitch!” I commanded.

Obediently he got down on all fours. Taking his nightstick I plunged the tip into his ass. Deeper I went. Harder. I began fucking his ass with the nightstick, the very nightstick that he had used so many times to wield power and show off his manhood, was now being used to emasculate him. I built up momentum, thrusting him, fucking him the way a man fucks his bitch, After all, he was My Bitch. He was now squealing like the pig that he truly was. With one final thrust he shot thick rich white ribbons into the air.

“Mistress, You own this, pig!”