Land of The Free, Home of The Brave

As we embark on our Nation’s Birthday, let’s pause to reflect as to how and why our great Nation was born.  A group of weary brave souls were fed up with the tyranny of living under a monarchy religious led government which gave them no freedom to believe as they chose to believe. Basic human rights of the ability to think for themselves were being stolen from them.

The voyage over on the Mayflower was not an easy one, it took great bravery to leave their homeland of England behind and travel to a strange new land an ocean away. They understood the risks involved. Freedom was worth it to them. They were Freedom Fighters. America was built on the principles of human rights and freedom of speech, the right to assemble.

Today we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. This country was founded on this idea. I am proud to be an American. Happy Birthday America.


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