Cleveland and Where it Went Wrong

The Cleveland Cavaliers placed all their hopes and dreams on LeBron James allowing him to rum the show. They forgot the importance of Teamwork.  There is no ” I ” in the word TEAM. One man can not carry a team to a championship. it is too much work and too much pressure.

Cleveland has spoiled LeBron James since his induction to the NBA at the tender age of eighteen, now a twenty five year old man, why should Cleveland expect anything less from The King? In his mind he has given his youth to Cleveland without receiving the coveted Championship.  Which is what we strive for in our careers and in life anyway. to be the best at what we do, isn’t it?

Maybe if Cleveland hadn’t spoiled LeBron quite so much and cultivated more talent this would not be happening. Will Cleveland survive? Pretty sure it will. The Cavs were there before King James and they will be there after King James.


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