Crossroads-Just Doing It

Seems for the majority of my life I have done what everyone else has wanted or expected of me. Not to say that I am bucking for Sainthood, believe me, I am anything but perfect. Still I have always done or said what was needed and wanted. I tried to be my father’s daughter, following his wishes learning everything I could about the medical field.  No one can take this knowledge away from me and I am eternally grateful to my father for instilling the importance of education and the need for knowledge and common sense into me. It is an integral part of my foundation. I tried to be a good wife, often times forgiving abuse that should have never been tolerated let alone been forgiven, all the while thinking I was doing it for the children. Lastly I tried to be a Perfect Mother to my children. No one is perfect. I made many mistakes along the way, and for those I am remorseful.  I did the best with what I had, and being sick myself, honestly did not know any better.

Today I do know better. I have had time to heal, and my children know right from wrong. They have all graduated high school. None of them are incarcerated, I am blessed that way.

I stand at a crossroads in my life.  Now that I am in recovery, what do I do with my second chance? Do I spit in God’s Face by wasting it, or do something with it?

I have decided to change my life,  follow my passion, and be me, Lisa Dabrowski.


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