Listen To The Children

Today My beautiful Baby Mama came running to me with tears in her eyes, actually streaming down her face.  She was screaming about the oil killing her lobsters and fish. At first it didn’t dawn on me what she was talking about, until my sister entered the room. Seems My niece is upset by the current events in the Gulf and it’s effects on the wildlife.

I dried her tears, and held her in my arms. We talked about all the wildlife down in the Gulf, and how the Oil Spill has changed the scheme of things down there. She asked me to make her a Facebook Group to help the Gulf  Wildlife.  I made the group for her, and I will admit , for myself too.

We  need to listen to the children, listen to their cries. They our are future., and if we don’t take care of the world they live in now, humanity will cease to exist. Maybe that is why they cry.


One thought on “Listen To The Children

  1. Our children are more insitfulb than we want to give them credit for. They hold so much love and compassion for the things in their lives let’s all stop and listen to what the children have to say


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