Complicated? It is What it Is

Why must we classify everything we do, down to the people in our lives?  Recently it occurred to me that everyone on a social networking site I belong to, Facebook,  seems to be preoccupied with announcing the status of their personal lives. Why should this even matter?  Is it because we have an image to maintain. or possibly because we are a bit insecure?  Sometimes it is a bit of both.  Either way I have decided that social networking sites should have an ” It is What It Is” category. This basically means call it what you want, we do our thing and that’s that. It just works for us , PERIOD

This would work in a non judgmental world,  but we know that is not the case. There is a bitch in every bunch.

Keeping your private life private is a good way to handle this. Not giving a crap and throwing caution to the wind is another, but there is much to be lost, and unfortunately Freedom does come at a cost, ask our soldiers.

I guess in a way we are all victims of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


One thought on “Complicated? It is What it Is

  1. i guess when talking publicly about your personal life .. you need to judge . is it safe do say that …do people really need to know that about my life .. some give out extremly personal details about there lives …. for every action there is a reaction … we need to better judge what we share .


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