Educating Our Children, We are All God’s Children

We are all created equal, and all capable of learning each in our own unique way. The way we reach eachother through various different forms of thought processes and media utilization is truly a blessing in this day and age. To waste our resources is a sin. To not offer them freely to people who desire an education is a crime.

When we do not pass on the knowledge that we have it is lost. Many civilizations, heritages, and even languages have been lost due to apathy, and selfishness.  The world is dying from apathy and selfishness with no one to replete it’s resources or databanks if you will. When is the last time you sat down with a child and passed down something that was taught to you , freely, expecting nothing in return?

Our teachers are greatly underpaid, and quite frankly there are far too few of them. Most times they lack valuable material needed to work with the students and often spend out of their own pocket. Is it for lack of Taxpayer dollars, probably not. Usually it is because Administration pays themselves far more than what they are worth, while they sit back and make decisions about other people’s children giving no regard to how or what the parents or public feel.

Abuse of power is shameless, especially when it comes to education.

The world reaps what it sows. Education is an investment in our future.


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