His Addiction

A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto ...
A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I met him twenty three years ago. He was a married man, an Environmental Technician, he was smitten with me from the start.  Petey Boi couldn’t stay away from me. At first we would meet occasionally, I would tease him to a flurry of non stop begging. He would lay under my high heeled shoes and tell me that I owned him, massaging my calves, and kissing my feet.

As time went on he gave me his pager number, and I would page him late in the night and pull him away from his wife. He was completely entranced by me at this time. I consumed all of his free time. His every waking moment belonged to me. Upon waking I was the first thing on Petey Boi’s mind and the last thing on his mind when he closed his eyes.

I accompanied him on trips, staying in a hotel room down the hall from him. I commanded him to call me when his job was  finished for the day so that I could meet him in the Hotel Bar.  We conspired a way to pull me further into his life. He could no longer survive without me.

I had fed myself to him a piece at a time. He was now hopelessly addicted to me. There was no turning back for him. He needed me the way most people need oxygen.  I had become his addiction.  He would do anything to continue receiving his fix.

He decided to turn me into his Nanny. I thought the idea was contrite at first, and that it would never work. Me with kids?  Turns out I adored Petey Boi’s sons, and they adored me. Their stepmother was as wicked as the day was long. It is one thing to torture and torment a willing man, but This Mistress draws the line at children .

Once I was in the house I discovered Petey Boi’s wife was taking him for everything. Dumping his bank accounts and leaving the children with no groceries or clothes. This was shameless, I felt shame for her. How could a woman degrade her self with such actions towards a defenseless child? I began providing for the children, and for some unknown reason it stirred up maternal feelings in me that I never knew existed. I decided I wanted a child of my own.


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