Mommie’s Bad Boi

Joey had long dark, wavy hair and stunning brown bedroom eyes, problem was he lacked confidence. He needed a Mommy Mistress to show him the ropes and tear him down to build him up again.

This painfully shy young man came to me with all the charm of a pig in a mudhole. Poor slut. He was a mess. In desperate need of milking, and teasing, he needed my guidance in the worst way. Would I take it easy on him or would I make him beg for it?

I am Mistress Rosie, I made the whore beg.

He started by telling me how hot he had always thought I was whenever he would see me around, and would ask to read some of my stories. I obliged him. I knew that reading about the way I taunted and teased other sluts and bitches would drive him insane and soon he would be begging for me.

This went on for weeks, the teasing, and taunting. I finally commanded him to my quarters. He could hardly contain himself and squealed like the filthy pig that he is. He arrived at my chambers an hour later, smelling freshly showered and clean shaven, which is a must of mine, if you are to service me.

” Kneel before me you pathetic slut!” I ordered Joey sternly.

“Yes, Mistress, ” he replied kneeling at my feet.

” You may massage my feet and lick them clean, you filthy whore!”

“Thankyou, Mistress, ” he answered, looking up at me taking my left foot in his hand.

He gently massaged my foot, paying special attention to the ball of my foot. He took each toe in his mouth and licked, and sucked them as if they were lolipops. He then repeated this on the right foot. I grabbed his long hair and pulled his head between my legs,

” Service me. Do what you were born to do, you worthless slave!”

I held his head in place and guided him at first, wrapping my legs around his neck. I moved with his tongue, pulling his hair to make him perform faster.

“Faster, You slut. Please Your Mommie!”

He licked fervently, I took his hands and placed them on my breasts so that he might grasp my nipples. I was reaching my peak. I pulled his hair as hard as I could  kicking him off of me.

“Thankyou,  for allowing me to please you Mistress,” he spoke softly to me as precum dripped from him as he bowed to me.

“Bend to Me,” I commanded. He did as he was told.

Being this was his first time, I used a seven inch dildo on him with the benefit of lubrication.  I bound his wrists to his ankles. I inserted the head gently in the rosebud, inching it in, Further, further, I was in far enough to where I could go all the way now. I thrust my way in. I took Joey. Grabbing his hips, my thrusts became deeper and more intense with each stroke. I could feel myself getting ready to orgasm, I went harder and faster. He shot his load. Thick, rich, white creamy ribbons flowed from him. He trembled.

Breathlessly he exclaimed, ” Mistress Rosie, You Own Me!”


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