Here, Piggie, Piggie

Here Piggie, Piggie! Mistress needs things.

I need a Pig, a Slut a Whore. Someone to do my bidding. Someone to worship me and adore me . Fill my wardrobe with the latest fashions. Buy me new toys, a new cell phone would be nice.

I need a new computer, decked out with all the latest software.

Sexy Lingerie, High Heel shoes, lipsticks and perfumes. Oh, I could go on and on.

Spoil me, I am your Queen, Your Goddess, Your Mommie, Your Mistress.

I drive you wild. I tease you and taunt you. I make you feel the way no other woman on this earth can. You beg for crumbs of my attention, to be degraded and humiliated by me. No other woman has this power over you.

I own you .


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