There’s A Storm Brewing

” Mommie, I brought your coffee and cigarettes. Marlboro Menthols, and. a Mocha latte, just the way you like you it, ”  Joey said , offering me my coffee , his dark hair pulled back in a pony tail. I loved teasing him by yanking his hair. He pretended not to like it, but he always rose to the occasion when I did it.

“Thank you, Stormy. Mommie needs a foot massage while she enjoys  a smoke with the evening news. Take your place.”

He immediately assumed his place beneath my feet like the good little bitch boi that he was. I allowed him to fondle my feet, licking the soles of my feet clean as I blew swirls of smoke down into his face. I noticed him staring up under my robe, as I wasn’t wearing any panties, I began masturbating. I began to laugh wickedly knowing he was watching. This was sweet torture. I place my foot on his engorged cock, and began rolling it across the shaft of his penis. He moaned softly into my foot.

“Oh, Mommie, I will do anything for you. I adore you, he cooed breathlessly under my feet, squirming.

I moved my foot faster. Rolling it up and down the shaft. I placed the other foot in his mouth, allowing him to suck my toes as I stroked him. Sensually, I stroked,  faster and faster.

“Please, Mommie, May I cum? ” He begged , squirming, sweat dripping from his brow.

“Yes. ” I replied.

Thick, rich white creamy ribbons shot into the air. I ordered him to lick it from my feet at once. He obeyed. He was a good son to his Mommie Mistress.

I adore My Stormie!


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