Way of the Domme

Now about Slave hubby and I, assignments, hmm, lets see…

We would write together, finish each other’s stories, we even planned a vacation to Boston together once, but I think he chickened out, although I saved for 2 months just to be with him. He really did try to give me up, telling me he was afraid his wife would find out. Truth is we were getting to attached,  When we began Mutual Masturbation, Kevin was very strict about how he wanted it, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, I was to provide a service for him, no I adore you, no I love you, no pillow talk, JUST HARDCORE NASTY ROUGH SEX.  We once again became enthralled with each other,

We became the Other’s  Other, deciding that we must continue with our illicit affair, admitting once and for all that we loved one another, and No one else could do . We were bound to each other, He the Masochist, to my Sadist.

He took a greater interest in my writing, and is now helping me along. He is so talented.

It is so hard to keep his unruly cock in line, but somehow I do it, and he is a better man for it.

This is the Way of the Domme, to take your slaves weakness, build upon it, strengthen his character, and control his BEAST within, the fire of sexuality which burns deep within. I take charge, own him, prop him, and am proud of my property!

My Eye Candy is My Prized Possession, and he has come a long way baby!!!


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