Rosie’s Bytchboi

He was dedicated to me, my little bytchboi. Following my every command. We first met a few years ago, he was so soft spoken, I knew then that he was a submissive.  He was so soft spoken, and so polite. His eyes adored me, and this Mistress adores being adored.

Bytchboi contacted me sometime later needing comforting, the kind of comforting that only I could provide. We talked on the phone for a while and decided to meet.

He knocked gently on my door before entering. He immediately knelt at my feet. he seemed to knew his place.

“Mistress may I kiss your feet? ” He asked as tears rolled down his face and onto my toes. The sincerity in his soul overtook him.

” Yes, you may, My darling, Bytchboi.”

He massaged his tears into my feet, rubbing the balls of my feet, relieving all the stress of my day. This is the job of a Bytchboi. To make life more comfortable for his Mistress. to live only to serve her.  He placed his lips upon my feet, kissing them tenderly and with love.

“Please make me your Bitch. Take me. I offer myself to you, to do with as you will.” He begged in all sincerity.

I took him to my bed, and bent him over. I Pulled him by his thick dark hair, and grasped his hips close to mine.  Teasing his virginal quivering rosebud,  I placed the head of my female superiority inside him. Inching forward, he whimpered. I bit his neck and rammed my phallus inside My thrusts became intense, his moans became louder. I pulled him close to me. I was close to my orgasmic peak, harder and faster I pounded him.

“Mistress, may I cum?” he breathlessly shrieked.

“Yes, My Bytchboi, ” I shouted , amidst my own rapturous delight.

“You own me, Mistress. You truly own my very soul. My mind and body. My soul I give to you.”


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