Sissy Stray, Slave Hubby and Me

Do I Look Like a Slut?
Do I Look Like a Slut? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Slave Hubby was bound to the bed in black satin rope, leather restraints kept him spread eagle on my mahogany four poster king size feather bed. His eight inch cock grew in anticipation.  I climbed atop him, and kissed him deep, forcefully, intertwining my tongue with his, swirling it around in his mouth, all the while tugging at his hair. I felt his manhood drip between my legs, I rubbed myself against his cock, teasing him.

“Kevin, are you going to beg for Mommy?” I cooed to him.

His eyes glistened, he was mad with lust, “ Please, Mommy, I will do anything, anything for you.”

The phone rang, “ Come on over , Josephine, darling, and be dressed, Mommy needs to finish your training!” and I hung up the phone. Turning to Kevin on the bed, I spoke to him in a rather cold tone, “ We are going to have company , darling! Mommy will leave you as you are so that you may watch.”

Josephine arrived dressed to the nines. His dark curly hair was perfectly coiffed. His nails were shaped, manicured, buffed and painted a lovely shade of orchid. His eyes were dramatic, shades of pink and purple, outlined to perfection, the sissy stray was now going to become my sissy slut!

Kevin just looked at me his eyes wide, mouth agape, was I really going to humiliate him by fucking this sissy slut in front of him. Still his cock was like stone.

I strapped on my double headed dildo, and commanded Josephine to take her dress off and sit on the  sofa and wait for me. I then approached Kevin, my darling Slave Hubby, who loved me like no other. I straddled his face.”Do what you do best, darling, suck my cock until I cum!”  He was a master at this, doing it every chance he was given. I rode his face. He deep throated my cock, I fucked his throat good, I came hard from the pressure of his sucks. His cock was dripping with precum everywhere.

I  dismounted his face, and looked at him, a tear rolled down his face, it turned me on even more. Kevin cried tears of love and adoration for me. And I was wicked to him because I truly loved him, he was mine. He was the masochist to my sadist.

I called Josephine over to me. “ Bend over, pathetic slut!” He bent over and grabbed his ankles. I pulled his silk camisole boxers down to his ankles. I took my cock and used it to help spread his cheeks, I entered the rosebud with my head, inching through, slowly, sliding, inching, I rammed my way in. I began to pound. Deeper I went, making him mine, owning him, harder, faster, looking over my shoulder at Kevin and winking wickedly. I began to cum with my double headed dildo when I saw that look on Kevin’s face. Josephine shot his load all over the floor, as a typical slut would. I commanded him to lick it up.
I sauntered over to Kevin, who lay there helpless, heaving in the bed, I took his belt and whipped him across the chest with it. Then I opened his mouth and spit in it, smacked him across the face and asked him what he was willing to do for me.

“Anything ,Mommy, anything. You are the only one that can control this unruly cock of mine,” he answered in utter desperation.

I untied him briefly, and poured thumb tacks on the bed. Putting him securely back in place, I mounted him, noticing the pain in his eyes. It made me so wet, so hot, I couldn’t hold back my passion, I came endlessly, looking directly into his eyes, seeing the love, lust and pain. Pure adoration ad worship. Kevin erupted higher and harder than he ever had before.

I love you Mommy, I worship you, I adore you.


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