A Letter To Hubby Slave


I long to suspend you from your ankles, holding you powerless ,at my mercy.
I wish to prove my love to you while you  hang there, like a slab of meat. After all , you are my slab of meat, right darling?

I walk over to you and observe your body, as a buyer observes a side of beef for  purchase.  I say to myself that you  are a fine hunk of meat.

I smack your bare ass , digging my nails deep into the fleshy end of it. The tiniest bit of blood appears. I lick it from my nail.

Darling, I feel you must suffer for me.  It will strengthen our bond.

I pull out a cat -o-nine tails and whip you until blood runs from your back.
Thank me, I do this out of love for you. Your tears are of undying devotion and adoration.

I reach up and stab the tip hole of your cock with my razor sharp fingernail.

All of your agony is arousing me darling, and I know you do want to please mommy.

I open your mouth and spit in it, close it and smack you sharply across the face with all my might.

Lick Mommie Now!

I  pull your hair while you lick me with a fervor like you have never known before. Determined to pleasure me.  Your tongue hungrily searches out my sweet spot. My juices flow all over your face as I pull some of your hair out by the roots.

I push you away.  My darling, Mommie needs to tend to your back.

I walk into the bathroom and come out  with the epsom salts. I pour them down your bloody back.

Your cries turn me on.

I walk around to face you and you look me in the eyes with tears of adoration and love.

You tell me I own you, and that you have never loved another woman more than you love me.

I caress your raging erection, unbind you, and we consumate our wedded bliss.



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