My Moe

Today was a particularly stressful day for me, I learned my beloved son needed surgery, and my oldest son is behaving like an asswhore. Oh and my computer is acting up, for a writer that is heartbreaking.

Did I mention I have an agonizing migraine , and my bills are overdue? A shitstorm is brewing in my life. I need a good slave to relieve my tension and stress.

Slave Moe came along and offered a foot massage. Gently he took my foot in his hands, massaging the sole as he sucked my toes. It felt heavenly. My calves were in a great deal of pain from so much walking during the week, so he began massaging them also. I closed my eyes and drifted off, all of my stress and tension was being lifted from me.

He slipped his finger into my slit, massaging it gently. Working it faster and faster, he moved forward and placed his mouth on my breast, I felt myself ready to explode.  I so needed this. He moved his finger in circles, gently, yet fast. I poured myself onto him. Moaning , I released all of my stress in rapturous delight.

Moe took his place beside me on his knees.

” You are My Goddess. I Worship and Adore only you.”


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