Consumating The Contract

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I handed my Eye Candy his contract. His obvious approval was quite obvious, not only by the adoration in his eyes but by the rapidly growing manhood in his jeans, which now officially belonged to only me.

“Oh, yes My Darling Mommy! I am all yours, as is your lollipop. I am here for your pleasure, your pain, your amusement.  As always Mommy, I am at your command,”  Mike cooed breathlessly.

I must admit, I was very aroused myself.  He was a striking specimen, and we had been together for awhile, so I had him trained properly. I knew he could perform his duties and perform them well.

” Darling,” I started, ” I believe a consumation is in order. Undress and kneel before me.”

I began to drip slightly as I watched him undress, he was muscular, trim and  very long and thick. One of the very few males I received.  He crawled to me on the bed, stopping to kiss my feet. I grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into my flowering womanhood. Mike began to kiss and lick me gently, working his way up to faster speed french kissing my intimacy. I felt myself giving way as my juices flowed forth like an eternal spring. I screamed for him to enter me, and he obliged.

“Oh, I love you, Mommy,” he whispered to me as he thrust into me.

Feeling all the passion and adoration there was between us, I wrapped my legs around him, and pushed my dripping mound up to meet his thrust in synchronicity. Letting myself go, running my fingers through his hair, then looking him dead in the eye, I smacked him across the face. His thrusts became more intense. I could sense he was getting close to release. I pressed harder on him,  faster.

Reaching around and grasping the hair at the nape of his neck, I squealed. His testes tightened, and his body shook. My Mike was awaiting my command.

“Now!” I commanded him.

I felt him surge within me. Hot streams of his dedication and loyalty ran throughout me as he trembled, sweat pouring from him.

” Now and forever I am yours to do with as you will, Mommy. I love you.”


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