Operation Waterwitch, Shh, Don’t Tell…

I was in San Diego attending a media communications conference when I ran into him in a coffee shop. I had dropped the contents of my purse all over the floor, various items were strewn all over the floor when Kevin, a tall, blonde blue eyed well built man in his early to mid forties offered his assistance.  Aptly, yet gingerly tossing the contents of my purse back where they belong, I offered him a seat and a cup of coffee.

“It would be my pleasure, Ma’am,” he answered , taking a seat across from me. ” I have been coming in here nearly every day at this time for the past three months and can not believe I have not made your acquaintance before. I am Kevin, and if I am not being too forward, what is your name?”

“Rosie, ” I answered. ” Most of my friends just call me Rosie.”

His dancing eyes were so appealing, the light bounced off them and when he smiled at me his whole face glowed. He had a definite swagger, an old fashioned John Wayne ruggedness that you just don’t see in many men anymore.

After the second cup of coffee I knew I had to have him, and every time he leaned in and looked into my eyes I could sense the feeling was mutual.

He offered to walk me back to my hotel room. In my experience, this was a good sign. Seems as if Kevin showed definite signs of submissiveness, although he was guarded. I am used to these situations and have no problem with them. Truth be told, I often have to keep my guard up too. Most of society can be quite judgmental where I am concerned, oft times any form of open minded or liberal behaviour that falls outside the norm is criticized the point that I personally view it to be a new Salem Witch Trial.

Walking along Kevin began to open up a little bit more with me as we passed the port.

” I do most of my work here.  I have been stationed in San Diego for awhile now, as I am an officer. I have pretty much always known that I wanted to make a career out of serving my country.” He stated, grasping my hand.

” I have always had nothing but adoration and admiration for our military. The sacrifices, the determination, work and the secrecy involved.  I can remember being a little girl and hearing stories of the Civil War and the Military they had during that era, and a ship they used called The Waterwitch. I was always intrigued with Civil War, as it was meant to give America the Freedom it was intended to have, ” I replied to him.

Upon reaching my hotel he walked me up to my room, and I naturally invited him, as we obviously had chemistry between us both on a physical level and an intellectual one as well.

I offered Kevin a scotch to break the ice and get the conversation flowing more freely.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kevin removed my shoes and began massaging my feet, stopping to plant kisses on them along the way. Working his way up, kissing my calves, he looked up at me, and stared into my eyes, tears streaming down his face.

” Own me tonight Mistress Rosie. Take me, as you have already consumed my mind.”

I was waiting for him to submit to me, to give himself freely to me. I would now claim his soul.

Deliberately I handcuffed him to the bed with his backside exposed and went to my luggage to get out my cat-o-nine tails.  I whipped him lightly the first time, not a whimper. Good. I needed a masochist to endure my sadism. I struck him with all my might on the second lash and continued. He kept begging for more.

” Thankyou, Mistress, ” he uttered.

Mounting him I tickled his rosebud with my strap on , I inched my way in slowly, his moans were erotic, and aroused me to no end. I was through teasing him and rammed my way through his splendor. He bucked and and squealed. I grabbed  him by the nape of the neck and pounded his succulent hind. I was reaching the point of orgasm, the faster and harder my thrusts became, the louder his moans became. My juices sprang forth from me like a waterfall, rushing down onto his buttocks.

“Mistress, may I cum? ” He begged me.

” Now, You pathetic slut! Yes, Cum now!” I shouted to him.

Kevin fell into a slump in the bed.

Breathlessly he whispered to me, ” Mistress, You own my soul.”


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