Strip Scrabble, Anyone?

157004_167688469937704_142220179151200_332759_2076505_nMike and I had decided to play a quick game of wits before he had to run off to work.

” What shall it be, darling?” I asked, knowing damn well it would be Scrabble. We adored the game, and it’s a splendid game for a writer to play.

” Want to take it up a notch, Mommy?” He grinned devilishly.

” Strip Scrabble it is Darling!”

Mike retrieved our box from under the bed, funny how our Scrabble game was amongst our box of toys.

” Let’s play, Mommy!”

I so adored his playfulness. The way he smiled at me, the touch of his hand, the way he made me laugh. Submissiveness is more than a sexual act, it is a fulfillment of your mistress’s needs and desires. It is all about her. The submissive lives to make her happy. Mike lives to make me happy, and he shows it everyday in everyway.

Rules of  Strip Scrabble:

1. No made up words

2. Person with lowest word score must strip off a piece of clothing

3. When a Player loses all articles of clothes he or she must admit defeat

He sat across from me, teasing me with his lollipop, as I like to call it, stroking it through his thong, the head peering out above the waistline. My ability to concentrate was impaired, and I was now down to my panties.

” Poor Mommy. Looks like you are down to your last chance, ” he winked at me, wearing nothing but his sexy black thong.

Down to his last move, Mike placed two tiles on the board and totaled up a score of three points to my previous thirteen.

” Looks like you win, Mommy. You won my mind, my heart, body and soul a long time ago. ”


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