Passion Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind
Image by Li’d via Flickr

bitchI look back fondly on childhood memories of watching classic movies on television such as Wizard of Oz and of course the sweeping romantic epic of the fall of the south, Gone With The Wind.

I always respected and admired the character Scarlett O’ Hara and aspired to be the kind of woman she was. She was quite independent, and at the same time wicked and beautiful enough to ensnare any man she desired.

Rhett Butler. What else can I say? Swagger personified. The man could have anyone he wanted, but just like most other men, he fell under the spell of Scarlett’s charms.

After a long day of work Eye Candy and myself decided we would stay in and watch a movie together. Gone With The Wind was the obvious choice. We hadn’t seen it so long, and being my submissive, and a good one at that, he intuitively knew what I needed and wanted.

Midway through the movie, we began role playing.  He was the dashing Captain Butler and I the fiery Miss Scarlett.  Looking into his dancing eyes, I could see all the adoration he felt for me, suddenly a wave of undeniable wave of passion overcame me.

I so needed his company and comfort tonight, although I was too proud to admit it. I have been going through a difficult time dealing with the impending death of my beloved Mother. I remain strong to the world, the ever defiant strong Mistress. Tonight I was ready to explode, and lying in a man’s arms watching a movie was the perfect excuse to shed a few tears.

After the movie was over, he dimmed the lights and took me in his arms the way Rhett had taken Scarlett in his arms and kissed me with all the fervor and passion inside his soul.  Laying there on the bed he moved his way down my neck and to my breasts. Suckling me, as he lay atop me, he entered me, gently working his way into heavy thrust. I pushed my mound up to meet him, moving in sync with him, grinding into his thrusts.

My excitement could no longer be contained as I melted into him, and he into me. Our bodies, our being becoming one.

” Mistress, Thank you for Today, Tomorrow and Forever. You Rule My Soul.”



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