Sunshine Over Oz

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I had decided to accompany Mike on a business trip to Australia. Beautiful Country, we had such a wonderful time there, and  my darling Jules does so much business there, I have convinced him to purchase me a home there. Nothing wrong with being comfortable wherever business takes you, often times hotels can be so impersonal, and we do tend to get noisy.

After a particularly long day, Mike and I decided to take romantic stroll along the Coast. Hand in hand we walked, enjoying the companionship. We sat down on the sandy shore and allowed the water to flow over our feet as we talked.

“Mommy’s Boy have a rough day making all that money for her?”  I chided him.

” You have no idea, Darling. I just want to go rest my head upon your shoulders,” he sighed.

” Do you honestly think that you will get off that easy?” I laughed wickedly.

Turning to face me, he smiled the grin of a little boy. ” No, Mommy. I didn’t.”

Cloistered away in our home, we embraced, hungry for each other. Merciless teasing on the ride home hadn’t helped him much either I will admit. I rather enjoy keeping him in a flurry of excitement, bound to me emotionally. I know that I am the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last thing at night. He has even told me that I invade his dreams.

” On your knees, Mike.”

” Yes, Mommy, ” he replied obediently.

” Gently grab your balls, squeeze them and give them a twist. That’s a good boy. Do you feel them getting full?”

” Yes. Mommy.”

” That’s all my doing, you nasty slut. I put it there, and I will tell you when to release it. Do you understand?”

” Yes, Mommy.”

I walked up to him and twisted his nipples. ” Do you like that whore?”

” Yes, Mommy, ” he answered, his engorged cock throbbing.

“Take your place upon my knee.”

Obediently he assumed the over the knee position. I felt his pulsating manhood leaking on my thigh.Shoving his face into my already dripping  womanhood, I ordered him to bring me to orgasm. I doled out spanking after spanking, reddening his bottom in the process. My finger wandered into his rosebud, violating him, showing him that he was truly my bitch.

I threw him into the floor, and towered over him, trickling a golden shower upon him.

His erection was made of stone, solid nine inches, and begging to be taken.

” Beg for me!” I shouted to him.

“Oh, Mommy, Please, please, take your lollipop!” He begged, and whimpered.

I mounted him,  grinding my clit into his cock. My juices squirted down his legs. My breasts fell into his mouth, and he began to suckle me. I found it hard to contain myself. Harder and faster I rode him, bucking him like a wild steer. I smacked him across the face. I screamed.

” Release it you filthy whore!” I commanded.

With that he blew with a voracious intensity. I could feel streams and streams shooting within me. Mike held me tight, his very fiber being rocked to the core.

“Mommy, you are My Sunshine over Oz, and I love you.”

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