© 2010 Crissy Fuca

The leg-spreader was a nice addition she thought, not only did force her ankles apart increasing her vulnerability and exposure, it lowered her hips making the heavily padded rails of the big oak waterbed just exactly pussy-high – a happy circumstance that was not lost on either of them.  God, what a sight she must make as she half stood, half lay on the tall bed, her face buried in the soft satin sheets stiletto heels planted firmly on the floor, bed corner wedged under her shaved and exposed mound, forcing her thighs even further apart and raising her ass into the perfect position for spanking… or anything else his devious mind could dream up.  The red satin corset she wore perfectly matched the bright patent leather of the tall heels narrowing her waist accentuating her ample breasts, and provided a perfect background for the black leather manacles that bound her wrists at the small of her back as the camera’s flash reminded her.  The warm oil startled her when the first drops hit then ran down the cheek of her ass.  He’s so 1970’s she thought… waterbed, satin sheets, hot oil massage… all they needed was Barry White on the stereo and a Starsky & Hutch rerun.  She laughed to her self at the image.  SLAP!! His big right hand caught her hard and low on her relaxed bum the sting and surprise taking her breath.  “Funny?? Do you find this funny!”  He stuck her again harder this time, rocking her forward slightly.  “Must do something to keep you amused.”  Something cold hit her at the base of her spine and began to run between the cheeks of her ass contrasting the hot sting of his last hand print.  Something cold and smooth and slick was being forced against the tight rosebud of her clenched asshole.  “You may as well relax… I can push much harder than you can resist… the more you resist the more it will stretch you and the more it will hurt.  Besides nothing says ‘whore’ like an ass up in the air being held open by a big glass butt plug!”  To make his point he twisted the plug smearing the cold lubricant between her ass cheeks and pushed… hard… steady and relentless.  She knew he was right… the only thing she could do was relax and accept it and hope that it wasn’t too much bigger that what she had taken before.  Relax…  accept… as she reached her limit she knew she had to push back, open herself to it, to want the thing inside her, more cold lube, another twist then the shoulder slipped in, her sphincter closing greedily behind it, and the base nestling between her cheeks.  It was huge and cold but she knew that would pass quickly.

[FLASH]  “Now there’s a shot worth having” She could imagine how she must look, legs splayed, hand behind her back, ass in the air, the dark rose pink inside her as the clear glass plug held her gaping open.  [FLASH]  [FLASH]  Satisfied he’d captured her indignity, he went back to work with the warm oil… massaging it deeply into the flesh of her so prominently displayed bum.  The warm oil felt nice, his touch firm but gentle, kneading the oil into her flesh, kneading the tense muscles firmly, relaxing, rivaling the technique of any spa masseur.  The oil was soothing as he worked it into her flesh; it smelled spicy and exotic yet vaguely familiar.  I’ve made something for you… something just for you.  Would you like to see?”

“Yes, please, I love your gifts… of course I’d like to see.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed he pushed her manacled hands so she could roll slightly and see his offering.  She didn’t understand.  A table tennis paddle, an ordinary table tennis paddle like any one in any basement in America, but there was something carved onto the face of it.. a figure… two crescents… carved into the face of it… it reminded her of something, something ordinary…

A rubber stamp! Of course, a rubber stamp.  The face of the paddle had been carved like a rubberstamp.  Mentally inverting the image made it clear, not crescents, letters.  Two capital letter ‘C’s superimposed on each other, the dual initials that had come to symbolize the duality of his personality.  A monogram for each entwined to together, one for the masculine – the domineering side the side of him she was seeing tonight, the other for the softer side… the feminine.  The side she had enjoyed so often in this same position, on this very same bed.  “It’s time you were branded… time the world knew that you are mine to do with as I please, time this ass was branded for what it is… MINE!”  The speed of the light paddle was blinding, and when it struck the oily flesh of her of her left ass cheek the sound of it was a loud sharp crack like the report of a pistol.  Loud enough to wake the neighbors she feared.

Concern was quickly washed away as the sting of the paddle was quickly replaced by a burning.  The sting she was ready for, but this was like nothing she had experienced before… radiating out from where he had landed the blow, a burning causing her to flush… and the increased flow of blood increased the burning, each building on the other.  The oil… the smell of the oil… cinnamon… and clove… and GINGER!  The bastard had spiced the oil with cloves and ginger!  She felt the fire spreading… everywhere he had oiled her she was on fire… up her back… down her leg the fire spreading from the mark of the paddle.  While she suffered he set about workmanlike, setting the tripod, adjusting the lights, making sure to capture the mark of her branding which by now must be fairly glowing!

[FLASH]  [FLASH]  move [FLASH]  adjust [FLASH]

‘Do you like how I’ve branded the ass on my whore??’  He held the camera for her approval.  The camera’s digital display was filled with the image of her.  Flushed, yes, but no more than any simple hand spanking… but the brand!  Bright crimson red… it looked like it would burst into flames any second… and clearly two ‘C’s superimposed… his brand.  Her ass… no, HIS ass clearly marked with his brand.  And it was his… his to have – to do whatever he wished, HIS and she was on fire for HIM!  She was his, but no more than he was hers, and she loved him for it.

“Again”, she whispered her voice hoarse, “AGAIN!”

“Hit you again?”

“Other side.  Mark… other side!  Raising up as best she could: “I want your brand on BOTH sides!!”

The second crack of the paddle striking her well oiled flesh, starting its own fresh oil fueled firestorm, rang out louder than the first.  Damn the neighbors!  If the nosey old busy body asked she would raise her skirt and show the old bat!  Right there in the street! “See here! This is what you heard…, my man putting his brand on HIS ass right where it belongs!’  For it was his… she was his… wholly and completely.

Suddenly he was inside her slamming home in her drenched pussy.  The glass plug took her breath when he slammed into it with that flat hard belly she loved, lusted after, lusted for.  She had forgotten all about it, but here was no forgetting now, the upward curve of his hard cock rubbing hard on the thin membrane that separated ass and pussy.  She could feel the head  slide past the end of the glass just as his belly hit the base driving it home, and rubbing hard again as he pulled back.  Each time he slammed home she moved forward, the folds of her labia sliding up and over her clit like some newfound foreskin only to roll back over and pull away every time he pulled back exposing her to the air.  Every time he moved forward his head rubbing hard against the glass, every time he pulled back the curve of it grinding against her G spot pinching it between his hardness and the unforgiving bedrail.  Clit covered, clit exposed, glass grinding, glass rammed home, him forward, him back.

He lifted her head by her thick hair, arching her back, his coarse cough in her ear:  “Do you like how I’ve branded MY ass?”


“Do you like how I plugged MY ass??”  The plug slammed home punctuating his question.

“Ohh!  Yesss.”

“Do you like how I fuck MY pussy with MY DICK???”

“Oh God, YESSS!!”

“CUM for me.” a command, not a request or plea, a command.  HE was commanding HIS pussy to cum on HIS cock.

“Cum” HE slams home “for me” cock grinds glass. exposed.

“CUM” plug slams home, ‘for me.’ Clit rolls out

Even the bed itself commands her:  The headboard bumps the wall: “CUM” the platform creaks: “for me”

Then he bit her.  HARD.  In the meaty flesh where neck meets shoulder.

And reality exploded.

The lightning bolt that came from his mouth divided and struck her on her inside both thighs at the knees.  Bolts from knees directed by a fresh bolt from his mouth converged at her center.  Pussy, cock, ass, clit, bite and back all converged and reality exploded.  Bound and bent there was chance for convulsion, and her orgasm didn’t so much come and go as expand and contract. Expanding and finding no opportunity for release it rebounded to center crashing into its self only to expand again: wave in – collision, wave out – rebound, contraction in, expansion out.  His explosion and the addition of his liquid heat caused a new explosion and a fresh cycle of expansion and contraction and reality shattered.

The bed was wet under her face where the sweat of passion had found its rest.  She felt the muscles of his cheek contract where his face lay on her shoulder and she knew he had smiled.  Reaching between them he released the clip of the wrist cuffs and drew her hands out and around and she stretched.  It felt good to stretch.  In reaching for his hand her elbow struck something hard lying in the bed.  Reaching to move it she realized it was the paddle, except not THE paddle, at least not the same paddle.  Holding it away from her and forcing her eyes to focus she realized that this paddle had no double ‘C’ insignia.  In its’ place clear and angular superimposed were two large “A”s, symbol of her duality.  This was not his brand, this was hers, and she knew right where it belonged, and just how she would do it.  She would put him in the pink silk thong that she had been saving for a special occasion, and she too would take pictures when HIS ass was scarlet… and she would post it on the website… the website that their friends watched so greedily and paid so dearly for the privilege.  She would post it on the website alright… right next to hers.  He would like that.., and so would she.

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