Finally Happenened

By M.J. Candy

She removed hiscollar.”make love to me slave boi , not as my slave but as my lover”
He looked into her eyes , his big brown eyes adoring her more than ever.
He  gently kissed her and then more passionately.Savouring the kiss his hands moved to her breasts fondling and carresing each one. Pulling and twisting a nipple his other hand slid down past her tummy , reaching betwen her thighs.
Her pussy was so wet his finger entered into wet so juicy.
His lips found a  nipple his tongue licking and sucking  increasing her desire as he gently bit on the nipple causing her to almost faint at the pleasure it brought. .He gently rubbed  on her clit slowly and then a little harder , her orgasm was not going to be long in coming.
He dropped to his knees  kissing her cunt his tongue flicking her clit , licking and sucking on her oh so swollen clit, her orgasm hit her almost immediately She arched her back , screaming out oh Fuck yesssssss.
He looked up adoringly at his Mistress and they drifted off to sleep Mistress , lover and slave all as one.
The collar back in place
Love you my darling Mistress.

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