The Party

Kevin and I were obliged to attend a party for friends of ours who were seeking re-election. Although we had already made our contributions, Kevin and I had a strong sense of loyalty.

” Mommy, No one would miss us if we ventured upstairs.” Kevin commented. His eyes dancing at me devilishly.

” I suppose they wouldn’t. You are such a naughty boy. What am I to do with you?” I quieried  back.

” I can think of more than one or two things, Mommy.”

Once upstairs I found the unused corridor of the house. Kevin and I could play here.

We stood naked there in the room, the party raging down below, my ripe succulent body pressed against him. His big, stiff cock nestled in my tummy, holding onto my nipples, teasing them, pulling them with his hands as we sucked each other’s tongues. I ran my hands up and down his muscles. He was my property.

I enjoyed a cigarette as he tongue fucked my luscious asshole. Placing his finger in my juicy cunt, I watched all of this in an antique mirror as he rubbed his thick cock against my calf.

Worshipping me was a way of life for him, he lived for it.

I took his belt and whipped him repeatedly. His cock grew so large I thought it would explode.

In front of the mirror, I assumed a position of all fours.

” Fuck me like the Dog you are Kevin!” I commanded him.

He grasped  my hips. and entered me, ramming his pulsating erection in. Watching him fuck me in the mirror added to the excitement. He reached around and cupped my breasts, pinching my nipples. I began to flow juices, cumming wildly.

” Mommy, I am going to come!” he exclaimed

” Oh, yes, darling, yes.” I replied.

We slumped to the floor, and fell into each other’s arms.

“Oh Mommy, this was the best party I have ever been too, I love you.”

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