Soldier Boi

I am very Patriotic and can’t resist a man in uniform. My heart holds a special place for brave men and women who serve in battle.  I feel duty bound to assist them in any way I can.

I have a very special submissive whom I affectionately call Soldier Boi. He is back on tour in Iraq right now,  but while he was home he was my property.

I prepared Soldier Boi  by giving him two litres of enema solution and making him hold it for half an hour. I wanted to make sure he was ready for me, as he was going to be going through rigorous training.

Next I dressed my fine Soldier Boi. Nothing but the best would do. The Finest black and red lace corset I could find adorned his body, along with a pair of lovely silk crothchless paties. Black fishnet stockings and six inch stilettos finished the outfit. I must admit he was stunning.

I had prepared a special batch of stuffing for the occasion, it was Soldier Boi’s favourite. I had mixed Barley, beer, onion soup, and oatmeal together. I also through in a little of my own urine. This special stuffing was used for packing Soldier Boi’s ass. I would pack it good and full and cap it off with a Big Bubba Butt Plug.

Soldier Boi was treated to my Chamber Pot also. This was a very rare treat, and only the strongest of Submissives could handle such an honour.  Next to my bed I kept a bucket, I had been ill, and could not make it to the restroom. I used the bucket for a chamber pot. Naturally it was full of urine, feceses, and vomit.

The Time had come to pull the plug on Soldier Boi, I allowed him to release his bowels into the bucket. I lit a cigarette, and blew smoke into his face while he did this. His eyes were watering from the smoke. I love to push his limits. I placed a cigarette in each nostril and lit them. His cock became engorged as the smoke reddened his eyes.

I strapped on my cock and bent him over, it was time to make this Soldier Boi mine. I lit a cigarette, and rammed my cock in his bottom. grabbing his hips, I thrust him with all my might. Deeper and deeper I went, his moans turned into squeals. I began pounding him, riding his ass hard and fast. I had worked myself up into an orgasm and was getting ready to explode. I put the cigarette out on his back, and pushed his head into the chamber pot. Reaching around I grabbed his cock and stroked it until he shot thick white ribbons of cum into the air.

I pulled his head up out of the bucket, and he breathlessly exclaimed:

“Mistress, You own me!”

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