Elizabeth was playing in the backyard as was her custom after her lessons were through for the morning. Her father kept her on a strict schedule, not much time for play, he wanted her to absorb all the knowledge there was for her tiny mind to ingest. Today she had read two chapters of Hemingway.

” Lisa Jane, come here. Uncle Danny has a dolly for you.”

Elizabeth’s Uncle knew she had few toys as education was first and foremost in her life. Calling to her by her nickname with the promise of a doll put a sparkle in her eye, and sent her running into his arms.

“Let’s have a kiss for your Uncle Danny, ” he said lifting Elizabeth up, his hand up her dress.

She kissed him sweetly on the lips the way children do.

“I know you can do better than that, Lisa Jane.” he said before forcing his tongue into her tiny mouth.

Danny noticed the look of terror on her face, and knew he needed to calm her down.

“Let’s play with your Dolly, Lisa Jane.  Her name is Miss Rosie, and she likes to do all kinds of fun things. She likes to feel good. You like to feel good, don’t you?”

Elizabeth nodded her head up and down, not knowing what else to do.

“Miss Rosie will teach you how to feel good and have fun Elizabeth. Your Daddy makes you work too hard, and learn too much. Everyone deserves to feel good, Darling.”

Yes, Uncle Danny,” Elizabeth answered.

“Everything I do to Miss Rosie, I will do to you. Don’t be scared. It will feel good. I promise.”

“Yes, Uncle Danny,” Elizabeth answered obediently.

Danny grasped the doll and licked the breasts.

“Your turn, ” he turned to Elizabeth.

Licking her breasts, as Elizabeth held on to the doll, his fingers traveled down to her panties.

“Miss Rosie says she wants me to put a finger in there Lisa Jane. Now don’t cry , Baby. Miss Rosie knows how to have fun and feel good. Put your hand down my pants. Miss Rosie says it’s okay. You want to have fun don’t you?” Danny said breathing heavily on her.

“Yes, Uncle Danny, ” Elizabeth responded mechanically.

Elizabeth lay there, feeling trapped within her own body. Danny pounding away at her tiny hand which was now down his pants. His finger wiggling around inside her. It hurt. Miss Rosie must like pain, because this hurt.

“Look, Cherry Jelly!” Uncle Danny said to her before licking his finger.

Elizabeth sat there motionless. Unable to speak. She felt as if she was going to die, if this was what dying felt like.

Walking away from Uncle Danny’s car, Elizabeth felt herself drift away.



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