In The Woods With My Darling

Darling and I had walked deep into the woods, finding what was or rather used to be a grassy knoll. It was now muddied and covered with leaves.

“This spot will do nicely, Darling,” I said sweetly to him, grasping his hand as I traipsed over some tree roots.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Poor Darling looked quizzically at me. My latest acquisition  Darling was eager, perhaps to eager at times, but often had no idea of the things he was getting himself into.

Darling shivvered. ” You can really feel the whip of Fall in the air today, Mistress.”

“Yes, You can, ” I smiled at him. I was ready for him now. Tall, Sandy Blonde Hair, and Eyes that I could lost in.

“Disrobe ,Darling. Lay your clothes on the ground. prepare a place for your Mistress to lay down while you Orally Worship Her.”

Obediently he placed his clothes on the ground.

” You see that tree over there, Darling? I asked him.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Go Pick me a switch from it. I need it for your training.”

“Yes Mistress,” he answered, grabbing a switch from the tree.

I laid down on My Darling’s clothes, and pulled him down etween my legs.

“Lick, Darling. French kiss my pussy.”  I pressed his face into my womanhood. I held his head there, grinding my cunt into his mouth.

I took my switch and struck him across the back, his licking became more intense, faster. I struck him again with the switch, he delved deeper into me, licking feverishly. I held his head in place as I began to fuck his face. Harder and harder my thrusts became. My juices were flowing like a waterfall. I struck him one last time, and he licked me so intensely, I felt light headed as squirt treams of cum into his mouth.

I pulled his glazed face from between my legs and ordered him to go hug the tree.

“Darling, I am going to make you mine today.”

Attaching My nine inch strap on, I walked over behind My Darling hugging the tree. I entered his rosebud with the head of my cock, slow at first, inching it in. Farther and farther I went. Deeper and deeper. With a quick thrust I was in. Pounding him, hard and fast. Fucking his ass, making it my pussy. Darling was My Bitch Now! I pounded him, enjoying his moans, knowing that I owned this Bitch. His cock had grown, and I was so wet, and believe it or not still had a craving.

Pulling My Cock out I commanded him to fuck me like the pathetic nasty slut that he was.

He was more than ready. Climbing atop of me, he entered with a mighty thrust, filling me up. Oh yes, how I loved this. Hard and deep he thrusted. I pushed my mound  up to meet him, grinding my clit into his engorged cock. I came wildly.

“Please Mistress, May i cum?”He begged.

“Yes, Darling, ” I replied.

He shot straight into me, hot , thick, as if he were never going to stop. His body shook.

“Mistress, You Own me.”


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