A Wolf By Any Other Name

Cover of "Sympathy for the Devil Remixes&...
Cover of Sympathy for the Devil Remixes


It was one am and my phone suddenly started singing Sympathy for The Devil, by the Rolling Stones, an appropriate ringtone for me I suppose. Looking at the display I was both shocked and amused, it was my Wolfie. It had been ages since I had heard from him, he was a very busy man, for one, and for another he was trying desperately to give me up.


“Hello, Wolfie. What’s new with you?” I answered the phone.


“How did you know it was me?” he asked after a short pause.


Caller ID, Asswhore.  Now you know it’s late, and I am trying to work. What do you want?” I smarted off to him.


” You, I just miss you is all. The way you make me feel. The way we used to talk.” He offered sweetly.


I knew Wolfie well enough to know that he was in a hotel room somewhere. This is the way he usually operated. I could just picture him sprawled out across the bed, which was not helping me any by the way. I became so vulnerable with him sometimes, owing him a sense of gratitude I suppose. I had learned so many Industry essentials from him, but above that, he was once my rock. I longed for a Total Power Exchange with him, I needed it, and I know he was leading up to it.


“Wolfie, are you laying there on that bed, longing to give yourself to me, To live only for my pleasure? I asked.


“Mistress, Take my wanton flesh. I have tried so hard to give you up, only to come running back time and time again. Give me what I need. I am at your mercy. Fuck my face, take my ass. you have me.” He pleaded.


The rotten Son of a Bitch was seducing me! Damn, he was doing a good job of it too.  I had sworn myself off of him. He had been my weakness. A Mistress should never cross the line and develop feelings for her submissive. I adore all of mine, of course, but I had once loved this bastard deeply.


” Squeeze your balls, Wolfie. They are heavy. Heavy with cum I put in there. Now twist them,” I commanded.


Yes, Mistress, ” he replied.


” I am sitting on your face Wolfie. I am riding it, using your tongue like a cock. Oh yes, that feels good. I begin to moan as you suck my clit.” I knew he was about to burst from a raging hard on by now.


“Yes, Mistress. You taste divine. I lap at you, swirling my tongue around your clit, french kissing your pussy. I suck and lick you, reaching up for your beautiful breasts, I find your nipples. They are amazing. You are a Goddess. My Goddess. I grasp a nipple between my fingers in each hand and I begin to pinch and twist your nipples. Juices flow from you. I don’t miss a drop.”


“Yes, That’s a good boi. I am so close to cumming, ” and I was, ” I fuck your face harder, faster, oh yessss. I bend down, and shove my finger up your ass. I am fucking your ass while I cum. ” I added to the conversation.


” Oh , God. Mistress, ” I could hear him quiver.


” I finger fuck your ass hard and fast while I fuck your face, your cock buried between my breasts. I am cumming so hard now, Wolfie!” I exclaimed, and I truly was.


“Mistress, May I cum on your breasts?” He stuttered breathlessly.


“Yes, Wolfie, yes. Cum with me!” I commanded.


“Sooooo Fucking good, I love you, You Own me, Mistress!”




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