Ten Minutes To Spare

judo: out of the meeting for 10 mins then back in there
judo: wish I was getting head instead… lol
lisadabrowski@: oh Jim
lisadabrowski@: I wish I was there to give you head
lisadabrowski@: too ad I am not you ASSistant
judo: I think u would make a great ASSistant … Im sure u take DICKtation well…
lisadabrowski@: You know I would
lisadabrowski@: we need to have a phone call really soooon
judo: yes we Do
judo: right now I am getting a raging Hard-on
lisadabrowski@: rememember when I made you jizz on the train?
judo: I am going to have to go into the mens room and jerk off before I go back into that meeting
lisadabrowski@: BECAUSE OF MOI
judo: I remember I had cum in my underwear all after noon until I got home and showered
lisadabrowski@: something to remember me by
judo: yes i could never forget u
lisadabrowski@: I love you Jim
lisadabrowski@: Oh shit, sorry I said that
judo: mmmm don’t worry about that baby
judo: my cock is still rock hard here thatnks to u
lisadabrowski@: mmmm
lisadabrowski@: LOL
lisadabrowski@: gotta go back into the meeting like that
judo: I can’t
judo: I gotta go jerk it until I shoot my hot creamy load
judo: u should come in there with me
lisadabrowski@: want me too
judo: suck my cock and get fucked in the mens room stall
lisadabrowski@: oh yesssssssssssssssssssss
judo: I got 5 mins to take care of this hard thick dick baby
judo: what should I do?
lisadabrowski@: rub it out
lisadabrowski@: think of bending me over and fucking my big ass
lisadabrowski@: while I suck your boss’s dick
judo: I should call u from in there so u can tell me that
lisadabrowski@: ok
judo: but I’d have to be pretty quiet
judo: ok I’m calling in a min


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