Dr. Sadistic

I met Dr. Samuels while vacationing in Mexico. I could tell by the glimmer in his green eyes that he was on the prowl for intensity. He approached me at a small cantina, with a double shot of vodka on the rocks in his hand.

“Very observant,” I said to him as I took the glass from his hand.

“Yes, i have been watching you. I am Dr. Samuels and you would be?” he said cleverly.

“I am your new mistress.” I stated matter of factly.

” Is it that obvious? Perhaps you would switch with me?” He chided.

I drank my double straight down, reached under the table and gave his balls a nice squeeze.

“Are we ready Dr. Sam?” I asked, standing away from the table.

“Are you ready, is more the question, ” he said , leading me out of the cantina.

He took me back to his home, where he offered me another drink.

” I don’t know if I should drink this one, perhaps it’s been laced?” I said with a smirk on my face.

He sipped the drink, and handed it back to me.

” What’s your greatest fantasy?” i queirried, already knowing it was going to be insane, as most fantasies are.

” I want to give my manhood to a dominant woman. One who isn’t afraid to cross boundaries. A truly dominant woman who will emasculate me both physically and mentally.” he answered, glaring at me with his green eyes.

I grabbed his balls and twisted them.

“Lead me into your quarters, Dr. Sam, ” I commanded.

I followed him down to his basement. I could already sense that he had performed not so legitimate procedures down here. There was a dark brooding side to him, almost evil, which turned me on all the more.

He opened the door to his lab, I noticed on the shelves were what appeared to e canning jars, full of discarded fetuses. I should have ran, but curiousity on what his explanation would be got the best of me.

” Are those trophies?” I asked pointing to the jars.

“Yes,” he began, “Those are the abortions I have performed on women I have bred with.”

He looked at me without blinking an eye. I could see the Sadism in his eyes. I knew that look well, for I saw it every time I looked in the mirror.

“Take off your clothes and lie down on your procedure table.” I commanded.

He did as he was told. I immediately bound him in restraints.

” I was pre-med, aced anatomy and physiology. I used to castrate cadavers for fun,” I winked at him.

This turned him on all the more, and his raging erection was all the proof I needed.

Wasting no time, I mounted him. Riding him back and forth, taking my pleasures from him. He begged me to let him orgasm. I would stop and start again, rubbing myself allover his cock, until i came wildly. I commanded him to release, after edging him for two hours.

” I own you, I just bred you,” he smiled at me.

“On the contrary, dear Dr. Sam. you spilled your seed in an infertile woman, with no uterus, ” I laughed at him.

” And now you are at my mercy, ” I continued.” There will be no more trophies for you to collect. Tonight your fantasy comes true.”

I went to his cabinet and grabbed his scalpel. “Are you ready for the Ultimate Submission?” I asked waving the scalpel at him.

” Yes, it is the only thing that will stop me. Make me yours, take them!” he answered.

I gagged him and began my work, severing his testicles from his ball sack. I let them dangle on their cords, while I had another drink. Snipping them, I placed his Manhood in a jar of formaldehyde, and then sewed him back up. He was passed out from from pain at this point, so I loosened the restraints, and left the jar on a cart next to him. This was my trophy, taking the balls of a Sadistic Doctor who bred women  for experimentation.

Dr. Sadistic had finally met his match in The Wicked One, and his fantasy was realized.

The Wicked One


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