Angel In Hell

I looked at him wantonly, my angel in hell. His biceps were sculpted to perfection, his chestnut hair tousled softly. He laid across the bed in his blue denim jeans, half zipped.  I urned for him, and became wetter by the moment. Glancing over my way playfully, he noticed the need in me.

“Come to me , Mommy. Let me pleasure you.” he smiled as he spoke.

I couldn’t resist him, no matter how many times I had given him up, we always fell back into bed together.

Grabbing me by the hand, he led me to the bed. Tenderly he began kissing my neck as he placed his finger in my slit. My desire was uncontrollable, I pressed my clit against his hand and began fucking it. My juices were flowing, and I was squirting.

He stood naked before me, and I laid back on the bed, spreading my legs, welcoming his arrival. He placed his sweet lips to my puss, and began to encircle my engorged clitoris with his tongue. Flicking it, driving me wild, french kissing my pussy. I grabbed his head and held it steady between my legs as I began to fuck his tongue as if it were a cock. Pressing my puss to his face , smothering him, fucking his face, I came until I screamed.

“Fuck Me! Fuck me NOW!”  I commanded him.

his cock was huge, and pulsating, as he rammed it into me.  I pushed my mound up to meet him, grinding my clit on his cock as he pounded my quivering puss, which was a bowl of pudding. Harder and faster he went, he began to suckle my breast, and I pulled his hair by the roots. I couldn’t contain myself, he knew exactly what I needed, and was the perfect submissive. I could feel his balls tighten after I reached around and shoved my finger in his ass. I finger fucked  his ass furiously. I knew he was at the point of orgasm.

“Cum in Me, you Bastard!” I ordered him.

His cum shot through me, hard and hot, before he fell limp on my breasts. I ran my fingers through his hair, and pulled his face to mine. Our eyes met.

“Mommy, you own My Mind, My Body and My soul. I am yours forever, ” he said before drifting off to sleep next to me.


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