I have become His Addiction. He aches for me, with a deep burning deep down his soul. All I have to do is message him, call him, or text and he is set aflame.

He was a lost soul when we met, in need of guidance and direction that only a TRUE Mistress could provide.

Masterfully I Ensnared him in My Web of Seduction, he is now trapped in the center of my web and only I can make his life complete.

“Take my wanton flesh, Mommy, ” Wolfie begged.

I ordered him to bend to me, and began to take him. Teasing his rosebud with my strap on, his body became covered in goosebumps.  I inched my way in slowly, savoring his flesh, his perfection that was now mine. Deeper and deeper, until I was inside him, I began to pound his flesh, Making him My Bitch. I grasped to his hips and began to thrust, faster and faster I went. I could feel myself reaching orgasm, I began to drip profusely as I rocked him to the core. I reached around and grabbed his pulsating manhood, I began to stroke him fervently, my nails digging gently into his engorged cock.

I felt his balls tighten and knew he was ready to release. I pounded his flesh, his ass had become my own personal fuck toy.  I rocked myself to orgasm yet again, enjoying my bitch. Stroking his cock, hearing him moan and squeal in delight, only intensified my pleasure.

” Cum for Mommy!” I ordered, knowing he was about to shoot thick, rich white ribbons into my hand.

He exploded in a thunderous rush.

“Mommy you own me, I love you.” He stated after melting for me.


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