My Darling…xx

A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto ...
A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My darling is as creatively gifted as I am.  I am The Romantic Sadist to his Loving Masochist.  He suffers for me, tears of love and adoration stream down his face when he looks upon me. My Darling knows that I practice Loving Cruelty, and everything I do is because I love him.  His flesh is willing and he withstands any amount of torment I deliver to him.

flawlessly I perform a Total Power Exchange. He gives me what I need, and I take all from him. He lives for me, gives me his all. He is strengthened by my presence in his life.  Performing the art of Submission has made him a stronger man, and he knows he owes it all to his Adoring Mommy.

” Mommy, please let me suffer for  you?” he pleaded.

Aroused by his presence, I commanded him to orally serve me. his tongue encircled my throbbing clitoris, licking it, lapping at it like a dog. I held tight to his head, pulling his hair nearly out by the roots as I clamped down on his eager tongue. Grinding my fleshy mound into his face, I began to ride his tongue. His face was my own personal pleasure toy, with the aid of his tongue, I reached an astounding orgasm, and began to squirt, covering him in my juices.

I felt his raging erection on my leg, I wanted to feel him inside me.  I screamed for him to enter me. He was obedient, and swift and plunged into me. I scratched at his back, clawing as he pounded me. I took a bloody fingernail and inserted it into  his mouth. He wept on my breast, which furthered my excitement. I wrapped my legs around him, digging my high heeled shoes into his back. Again he wept. I felt complete orgasmic delight.

His eyes shown in the light, and looking into them I could see my adoring partner.

“Cum for Mommy!” I commanded.

He exploded within me, streams upon streams of his very being flooded me.

Looking into my eyes with complete devotion, he proclaimed my ownership over him.

” Mommy I live and breathe for you. You own me. Mind, Body and Soul.”


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