The Awakening..part one

Elizabeth was sitting in her breakfast nook, drinking her morning coffee and reading her paper, as was her morning custom, when she heard a gentle rap on her door.

” I am here about the ad you posted for a border, Miss, ” he said as she answered the door.

Gazing upon him, she felt as if she had already knew him. He was tall, blonde and blue eyed. His demeanor and dress were casual, and she could not help noticing that he had his bags in tow alongside him.

“Please come in, and we will talk over a cup of coffee, ” she offered, motioning him in.

Sitting at her breakfast nook, over a cup of coffee he introduced himself.

” My name is Kevin, and I am a writer, amongst other things.  I am in Ohio, researching for a novel I am in the process of writing.”

” Oh what are you writing about?” She asked, already feeling as if she knew.

“Swift’s Hollow” he answered, gazing into her eyes.

A chill came upon her. Swift’s Hollow was known to locals as Gore Orphanage. A local legend of sorts, that always created speculation of witchcraft and cursed ground. No one knows for sure how true the rumours are, but they are enough to draw spectators, and gruesome images of children burning in a fire.

Elizabeth poured herself another cup of coffee and lit a cigarette.

“Would you be staying until your project is completed, or just while gathering information?” she asked him.

” I would  be finishing the project here, Miss Elizabeth,” he answered.

She felt odd, him calling her Miss Elizabeth.  Again a chill came upon her, the kind of chill you get when someone walks on your grave.

” I have cash for the first three months rent, if  you would like me to pay up front, ” he offered.

“You have yet to see the room,” she  said in astonishment.

“Lead the way, Miss Elizabeth, ” his eyes danced when he spoke to her.

It was an old country house, which had been remodeled. The Master Bedroom being on the first floor, there were four empty second floor. One of the rooms she had recently transformed into a study, herself being a writer, she enjoyed the view from the window as she typed away.

“This will be your room, ” she said opening the door on the left of the staircase.

Inside the room there was a trio of dressers and a matching Mahogany bed, with four posts.  A desk was against the window, screaming to be used.

“It’s lovely, Miss Elizabeth.  I feel as if I belong here, ” he said with a wink.

Knowing she should have been put off by his familiarity, it aroused her.

” You may move in today, then, ” she responded in kind.


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