The Awakening..part deux

Elizabeth descended the staircase and entered her room on the right.  Suddenly she felt an urge to take care of her hair, she was sure that she must look a fright, as Kevin caught her during her Morning Coffee.

She sat down at her Mahogany mirrored dressing table, and grasped the hair brush sitting there. She made long strokes at her long dark auburn hair, curling the tendrils at the ends.  Glancing up into the mirror she noticed a reflection smiling back at her. Once again a chill came across her, the reflection in the mirror looked like her, but it was not her. Elizabeth continued stroking her hair, mesmerized by the face in the glass. She was no longer afraid of it, she embraced it.

Mechanically she went to her wardrobe and found a black dress that she had bought in an upper end thrift boutique. Adorning herself with the dress, she felt a need to see Kevin, but why? She had only just met him.

An arousal filled her that she could not deny, lying back on her bed she envisioned him there in the room with her. She fondled her ample breasts, all the while feeling his presence there in the room with her. Her hand slipped down into her panties, and she began to flutter away at her womanhood, imagining his lips upon her intimacy, bringing her to her peak. She moaned softly, when there was a rap on the door.

 Standing outside the door Kevin listened to her soft moans, wishing it were him bringing her passions to fruition. 

“Just a minute, ” she answered breathlessly.

Elizabeth opened the door to find Kevin standing there casting a fine reflection of the past. He appeared like a dream from the past, almost surreal. Elizabeth felt as if she were losing her mind, but felt like she and Kevin had been at this very moment before, exchanging this wanton gaze before. 

” Is everything alright, Elizabeth? ” He asked, noticing the look of bewilderment on her face.

“Yes, I am fine. Just a bit groggy I suppose. Did you have some sort of research you wanted to discuss?” She asked.

“I was hoping you would say that. I was wondering if you would accompany me down to The old site of The Light of Hope Orphanage. I know it is only ruins now, but I would like to get a feel for the place before I begin writing about it, ” Kevin suggested.

” Sure, I will go with you. Getting a feel for the place is an excellent idea, ” she answered.



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