A Gift From My Ashtray

He walked into her home not sure what to expect as he had previously
never been allowed in but had always met her at his car.  Thing had
changed within the household and her control was ever evident as he
stepped into the door that had been left open just a hint.  He could
smell the smoke from down the hall and he stepped carefully making not
a sound as a slave should be seen and not heard.  He approached the
door to her office and slipped to his knees still fully dressed and
she looked over from her computer where she sat typing.  She motioned
for him to crawl to her and kiss her feet which he did quickly and a
small smile crossed her lips that he could not see as his lips were
pressed to her toes.  She slipped a hand from the keyboard into his
hair and pulled him back up.

Looking into his eyes she stopped typing and slapped his face hard and
kissed him feverishly as he knelt in shock.  She let go of him and
grabbed her cigarettes from her desk, pulled one out and demanded a
light.  He fumbled in his pocket for the lighter and pulled it out to
light her cigarette.  When it was lit and she drew in a long drag she
again faced him to blow the smoke into his face.  He inhaled deeply of
her blue smoke and her fingers traced his jawline.  Another drag and
another and the ash of her cigarette had gotten long.  She smacked his
face again and spoke for the first time “Ashtray” and he opened his
mouth.  He stayed n this position for the better part of two hours as
she wrote a few stories now inspired by her fully clothed whore whose
only use so far had been that of an ashtray.

She looked at him again after saving her fourth story and seeing she’d
smoked eleven cigarettes.  “Did you buy me more boy?”

“Yes Mistress” he answered dry mouthed.

“Good.  Give them to me and get the fuck out.”

He left the room still on his knees and stood once in the hallway.  He
walked to the car and got behind the wheel unable to believe he’d come
this distance for simple ashtray use and nothing more when his phone
rang.  “I am satisfied, slut, that you left without a word.  There
will be days when all I need is an ashtray… all I want is an ashtray
and that is all you will be.. but today you will be more than that…
Mommy needs her pussy cleaned.”  With that he ran back into the house
to serve his Mistress for the rest of the day

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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