Find Another Sucker by Drew Stevens

You fucked me in every hole I had

Fucked me over til I lost My mind

You look at me with a sideways grin’

Did You really think I wouldn’t be mad

I’m so fucking mad, I’m about to go blind

You took advantage, You took it all

You raped my ass, left me for broke

Stripped everything down to the bare wall

Were you laughing, Bitch? Was it a fucking joke

Go choke on your greed

I’ll get it all back anyway

You only think you got the best

What you got, I don’t really need

I tune out every fucking lie you say

Go ahead, Take it all You greedy bitch

Cause I’ll be damned if you’re gonna break me

My soul can’t be bought, it’s not for sale

Find another sucker to scratch your itch

Cause Bitch, You’re though fucking with me

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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