Breaking Adonis

Death of Adonis, by Luca Giordano.
Death of Adonis, by Luca Giordano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Moment I laid eyes on him I knew that I would own his soul and rock his being to it’s inner core.

He had a very lucrative career and was at the top of his game. He had everything to gain but would gladly sacrifice it all for me. I was his true Goddess, his Mistress. I owned him and every fiber in his being screamed out for me.

For over two years now I have owned him, the triumphs and the tragedies.  I was his Aphrodite and he My Adonis, or so he vainly thought.

In the wild world of Mistresses he could have done far worse than me. I protected him, and gave him safe haven in my chambers. There were no secrets, no lies. I demanded complete Loyalty.

Hidden away deep in my chambers he found solace in my expertise. I knew how to take care of him, and in exchange he worshipped me for the Goddess that I truly am.

When he was naughty and needed to be disciplined, which was quite often. I did so with loving cruelty. Masterfully I would flog him, careful not to leave any marks. Lightly I would squeeze and twist his balls working him into a frenzy until he begged me to take him like the whiny bitch that he was.

Pounding his ass, making him my asswhore was a true delight. He enjoyed it so much and had no inhibitions whatsoever. I thrusted harder and deeper with each stroke until he begged for release.

There is a fine line between passion and pain. Sometimes Men lose their Souls to their Mistresses.

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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