The Undying Count takes a Mistress


Punishment with a Great Knout. Russia, 18th ce...
Punishment with a Great Knout. Russia, 18th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been in Russia on on holiday when I apparently had caught his eye.  His glare was fierce, and hypnotic, and I must admit I felt myself drawn to him. He was seated at my table before I knew what was going on, pouring me a double shot of vodka.

“Allow me to present myself. I am Count Von Dabrousky, and You My beautiful lady are?” he asked , kissing my hand.

” I am Mistress Rosie, ” I answered, pulling my hand back, feeling overwhelmed by his power.

“Such a beautiful name, for a beautiful Mistress. I would be honoured if you would accompany me to me my home for drinks, Mistress, ” he asked, once again his powerful gaze meeting my eyes.

“Pardon,  me, Count, but we are having drinks here. Is it drinks you truly seek to have with me at your home, or perhaps something else?” I finally spoke up.

” Mistress, you are a wise woman. You know the power you have over men, and surely, you know what it is I seek to have with you.  A woman as rare as you does not come along very often, and I must seize the opportunity to be with her when she does, if I am to be honest with you, ” he replied. His honesty was shocking, and not at all what I had expected.

We left the restaurant and traveled for what seemed an hour before coming upon his estate. It was magnificent, at least two hundred years old, and gated. It was dark, gothic, built of stone and resembled a castle. It was a fortress.

He led me inside, and it was just as spacious.  A spiral staircase led the way upstairs to the Master Bedroom, where there was a King Sized Four Poster Bed made of Mahogany. Matching Wardrobes and Dressers.  The  mattress was made of goose down. the sheets were of satin.  Candles lit the room.

He fell to his knees before me.

” Mistress,  I implore you, punish me. Open my wardrobe and choose your whip. Place your marks upon my flesh, draw the blood from my body.  Own me, make me yours, ” he begged.

I walked over to the wardrobe and flung the door open. I feasted my eyes on a Sadist’s dream. A  Bull Whip, A Cat-O-Nine Tails,  A Flogger,  A Signal Whip, A Snake Whip,  and a Stock Whip.   There were also shackles, handcuffs, ropes, ribbon,  hoods, masks,  and Parafin wax for wax play.

I chose the  Snake Whip. I could handle it well, and deliver more strokes. He begged to be punished, so punishment was what he was going to get.

” Shame yourself before me. Remove your clothes and bare not only your flesh, but your soul, as you prepare to receive your punishment, ” I commanded him.

Following my commands, he undressed and took to his knees before me.

Bending down to plant kisses upon my feet he began his confession.

” Mistress, My soul is an old one.  I have committed crimes of basphemy and therefore am cursed to an eternal wandering. I have been vilified as a blood sucking beast over history, as most do not understand a  fate such as mine. Fear and loathing , and rightfully so, for no one can loathe me as much as I loathe myself. The whips you see in my wardrobe, I often use on myself. I have afflicted others with this need for punishment through out the centuries over time, and have spread the need for discipline and punishment.  I am filled with sickness, I suppose, and rightfully so. I am a masochist now in every sense of the word. I crave a true Sadist to inflict pain and punishment on me.  I taught others to live this way, as a means to atone for their conscience.   Please, Mistress.  I beg of you,  relieve me just a little bit of this burden I carry, ” his tears fell on my feet.

I looked at him in astonishment. I had heard stories of this fabled legend before. Perhaps he was telling the truth, or maybe he was full of shit. I could see how people would mistake Dracula for a Cursed Soldier doomed to walk the earth forever though. People need to explain away things that they can’t understand, even if it is with more unbelievable bullshit.

I walked behind him and cracked the whip on his back.

“Thank you, Mistress. May I please have another?” he asked, tears streaming down his face.

I whipped him repeatedly, until blood flowed from his back.   I became quite aroused, and turned to face him, he was still on his knees.

Intuitively his tongue sought out femininity, and began to lap up my juices. I held his head tightly in place. He licked tenderly, gingerly, before inserting his tongue. He then began to flutter it about like the wings of a hundred butterflies. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and dragged him over to the bed. Laying back on the bed I spread my legs wide and commanded him to enter me. He was long and thick, rigid, and plunged into a  hot wet pool of passion.  He started off slow, building his thrusts up, faster and harder, deeper. He touched upon my engorged clitoris and paused on and I rubbed myself upon it until I screamed, pulling his hair, and biting his neck.

“Release yourself!” I ordered him, my juices squirting everywhere.

With one final thrust, he expelled his load. I could feel thick rich ribbons shooting up into me.

” I adore you, My Mistress, My Confessor, My All, ” he whispered as he slumped into a bloody heap atop of me.

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