Domme Session With a TV Exec-Transcripts

big2001: i am on my knees
mistressrosie: Most times I will be invisible
big2001: i understand Goddess
mistressrosie: as you should be in my presence
big2001: yes Goddess. i know i am beneath You
mistressrosie: You are worthless Pathetetic slut
big2001: thank You Goddess
mistressrosie: and it is an honour to serve me
big2001: yes truly an honor Goddess
mistressrosie: grab your balls
big2001: yes Goddess
big2001: grabbing them now
mistressrosie: give them a slight squeeze
big2001: squeezing no Goddess
big2001: now
mistressrosie: are they full
big2001: oh yes
mistressrosie: full of cum that I put there
big2001: yes Goddess  i know You know the effect You have on me
mistressrosie: Yes
mistressrosie: I own that Cum
big2001: yes Goddess absolutely
mistressrosie: You wanna stroke
big2001: yes Goddess, may i?
mistressrosie: Beg
bigr2001: please Goddess i beg You to allow me the privielge of stroking your cock for You
mistressrosie: Stroke it
big2001: stroking it Goddess
big2001: thank You
mistressrosie: stab your cumhole gently with your thumbnail
big2001: stabbing it now Goddess
mistressrosie: suffer for your Goddess
big2001: yes Goddess, the pain is exquisite
mistressrosie: Now Squeeze your balls
big2001: squeezing them Goddess
mistresrosie: continue stroking
big2001: yes Goddess
big2001: i worship You Goddess
mistressrosie: are you getting Close’
big2001: oh yes Goddess
mistressrosie: Beg to cum
big2001: please Goddess, i beg You to allow me the privilege of cumming for You
mistressrosie: when you do, Tell me That I OWN you
big2001: yes Goddess
mistressrosie: Release it
big2001: god yes Goddess
big2001: You Own me Goddess
mistressrosie: I adore you
mistressrosie: You have pleased your Mistress well
big2001: i worship You Mistress
big2001: i am glad i have pleased You
mistressrosie: It’s about time you have submitted
mistressrosie: it took you long enough
big2001: yes Mistress
big2001: without question
mistressrosie: I will leave you to clean up
big2001: i will lick up every drop for You Mistress
mistressrosie: would you like to make this a regular thing
big2001: oh yes Mistress
big2001: i need to be used by You
mistressrosie: when is good for you
big2001: i will always try to be at Your disposal Mistresss
big2001: You make me feel so intensely submissive Goddess
mistressrosie: Good
mistressrosie: Men in High stress jobs
mistressrosie: need TPE
mistressrosie: Total Power Exchange
big2001: i only know i need to suffer for You and to be used by You Mistress
mistressrosie: I can give this to you
big2001: yes Mistress
big2001: i worship You Mistress
mistressroise: as you should
big2001: yes Mistress
mistressrosie: How careful do I need to be
mistressrosie: I will never publicly out you
big2001: Discretion is helpful but i want to be available to You
mistressrosie: due to your career
mistressrosie: but are you married
big2001: i am single Mistress
mistressrosie: Ok
mistressrosie: I am careful about relationships too
big2001: and i will always respect that Mistress
mistressrosie: So what took you so long
big2001: i guess this was something that was just building up in me Goddess
mistressrosie: are you in NY or California
big2001: NY
big2001: whenever i encountered Your picture or profile, i felt something deep inside —  a need
mistressrosie: and now you are ENSNARED
big2001: willingly and totally
big2001: i am where i am supposed to be Mistress
big2001: i am feeling a powerful urge to lick the floor Mistress
mistressrosie: so it is your wish to be MINE
big2001: absolutley  Mistress
mistressrosie: Lick your Cum
big2001: yes Mistress.  Doing that now
mistressrosie: you would lick your cum if you came inside me
big2001: withiout question or hesistation Mistress
big2001: i am licking up every drop i can find Mistress
mistressrosie: Are you sure that’s not your GF
mistressrosie: in that pic
big2001: No she is my friend’s wife Mistress
mistressrosie: ok
big2001: i want to devote myself to You Mistress
mistressrosie: We shall see
big2001: yes Mistress i understand
mistressrosie: This was a big step you took today
big2001: a big step i had to take Mistress
bigr2001: it is who i am
mistressrosie: and I am proud of you
big2001: i am honored Mistress
mistressrosie: I know you were insecure about being submissive
mistressrosie: alot of men are
big2001: yes Mistress. but my feelings for You overwhelmed my insecurity
big2001: i am on mky knees here like i am supposed to be
mistressrosie: Did you remember you Mother for Mother’s day
big2001: yes Goddess. i got her a gifrt and a card
mistressrosie: Good Boi
big2001: thank You Mistress
mistressrosie: will you text me on Mother’s day
big2001: yes Mistress it will be my privilege
big2001: and i will kneel while i text
mistressrosie: LOL
mistressrosie: ‘I think you like that about me
big2001: given time i will always let You know how desirable You are Mistress
big2001: i wish i was there right now to lick the bottoms of Your heels Mistress
mistressrosie: and to lick something else..mmmm
big2001: yes Mistress for hours at a time
mistresrosie: oh yes
mistressrosie: I would ride your tongue as if it were a cock
big2001: and i would never be able to get enought Mistress
mistressrosie: and then when I start squirting I would command you to fuck me
big2001: that is something to which i would always eagarly comply
mistressrosie: and befor I let you cum, I would bend you over
mistressrosie: and Make you MY BITCH
big2001: oh yes Mistress.  i want to be Your bitch
big2001: to experience the total conquest of having You inside me
mistressrosie: holding your hips, thrusting
mistressrosie: hard and deep
big2001: relishing the pain in knowing that the only thing that matters is that i please You
mistressrosie: harder
mistressrosie: faster
mistressrosie: deeper
mistressrosie: then I pull out
big2001: of god i am hard as a rock now Goddess
mistressrosie: mmmm
big2001: i exist to be used by You Mistress
mistressrosie: twist your nipples
big2001: twisting now Goddess
big262001: the pain is intense
mistressrosie: twist your balls
big2001: yes Mistress twisting them now
mistressrosie: STROKE
big2001: stroking Mistress
mistressrosie: STAB YOUR CUMHOLE
big2001: stabbing it for You Goddess
big2001: pushing my middle finger up my slave ashole for You Mistress
mistressrosie: MMMM
mistressrosie: FUCK IT
big2001: fucking it hard for You Mistress
big2001: god i need this
mitressrosie: WANNA CUM
big2001: oh yes Mistress
mistressrosie: BEG SLUT
mistressrosie: MY BITCH
big2001: i beg You to let Your worthless bitch cum for You Goddess
mistressrosie: rELEASE IT WHORE
big2001: yes Goddess
mistressrosie: You have served your Mistress well
big2001: thank You Mistress
big2001: that is all that matters to me
big2001: i worship You Mistress
mistressrosie: I adore you…xx
big2001: i beg You to allow me to lick up my cum Mistress
mistressrosie: Clean up your Mess Slut
big2001: thank You Mistress

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