The Party by Slave Clarke

The Party
I had been serving Mistress for some time.  She seemed to tolerate me, and certainly took full advantage of opportunities to use me.  This week, she told me she had something special in mind.  I was to pack a bag, be prepared to be picked up around 6 Friday night, and to be gone for an entire weekend and to keep all the evenings free for next week as well.  It took some scrambling, but I made it work.
She picked me up promptly, wearing a trench coat.  I had no idea what was underneath.  She drove me to the house of another Mistress, whom I will call Mistress Amy.  Mistress Beth was also there.  Both had slaves, Allen and bill with them.

We were ordered to strip.  The Mistresses dressed for a fancy party.  My Mistress had on a long black gown, very low cut in front, with a slit from the hem almost to her waist.  Mistress Amy had a beautiful green sequin dress on.  It covered her from her neck to her ankles, but it fit tightly, showing off her figure to great advantage; Mistress Beth had on a short skirt and a suit top, but no blouse on underneath.

My Mistress spoke: “Now boys, as you can see, we are all dressed up for a party.  And that is what we are going to have.  You three boys will be the servants and the entertainment.“
Mistress Amy took us to the kitchen, showing us the trays of food the glasses and a couple bottles of wine.  We were all given silver trays to serve with.
But before we began, they had another torture in store for us.  A piece of elastic was tied around our cock and balls, with a piece about 2 feet long dangling below.  A small bag was secured to the rope and some lead balls were put in the bag.  The weight pulled on my cock and balls, and every step I made caused the weights to bounce.  While not debilitating pain, it was noticeable.   Mistress Beth walked over and looked at my weight.  She picked it up, raised it up so the elastic was taut, and then, laughing, let go.  That hurt!

But enough of that.  It was time to start serving the food and wine.  We went to work, as the Mistresses talked among themselves, catching up on the events in their lives.  At one point, Mistress Amy called me aside and said “Boy, ashtray”.  I knew what to do; I opened my mouth, and she flicked her cigarette ash into my mouth.

After about 15 minutes, Mistress Beth said, “It is time for the entertainment.  We will begin with bill”, who was led to the center of the room.  Bill’s hands were tied together and then secured by a rope to a hook in the ceiling.  He was then firmly secured, and the Mistresses went to work on him.  Mistress Amy had a collection of crops and other torture instruments available and invited the Mistresses to use them.  To be fair, she set a timer for 15 minutes.  I gathered that was to be bill’s time in the spotlight, so as to speak.
Mistress Amy and my Mistress went to work on poor bill.  Mistress Beth decided to sit this one out, and had a seat.  She then turned to Allen, saying “Boy, put your tongue to work.  Allen knew what to do:  he knelt before Mistress Beth, put his head under her skirt and began worshiping her with his tongue.  Of course, that left me to do all the service of food and drink for Mistress and Mistress Amy, taking turns on poor bill.
Mistress Beth was not asking for much service; she seemed to be in her own little world.
After 15 minutes the timer went off.  Bill was released, ordered to kneel and kiss the feet of every one of the Mistresses and thank them for the attention.  Mistress Beth, reluctantly, got up from the chair.
It was then Allen’s turn to be the center of attention. I noticed that Mistress Amy now sat in the chair. She turned to me and said “Boy put your tongue to work”.  As you recall, she was wearing a tight dress, and there was no way I could get my head under the dress, so she pulled it up so her pussy was in plain sight.  When I knelt, she leaned over and grabbed my weights pulling them up between my legs.  That way she could pull on the elastic, and torture my cock and balls any time she felt I was not paying her sufficient service.
She was already wet, and my tongue quickly got her aroused. She pulled on the cord any time I slacked off.  But I had spent hours serving my Mistress in this way, so I was generally able to provide vigorous service to her.  I could feel a couple of orgasms as I worked on her.

What happened to Allen, I cannot tell: I was occupied. But I finally heard the timer go off, and I knew my time had come.

Sure enough, I was soon trussed to the hook.  But they had a special treat for me, it turns out.  Mistress had just ordered a couple of electrical devices which she let Mistresses Amy and Beth use.  She did not participate; I expect that she was letting bill service her. It was painful.  They had me twitching every way, and I just hoped the walls were well soundproofed.  Of course, as Mistresses Amy and Beth noted, I still held on to an erection throughout.

Eventually the timer rang and my time in mini-hell came to an end.

They then sat around, with us hovering in the background, cackling about our relative performances.  None of us were found adequate and there was a general consensus that they had been easy on us.  This time.

After a few minutes of that, Mistress Amy announced the second round.  I was to be given the “honor” of being the first.   We went into another room where there was a mat atop a large table.  I lay down on the table, and my wrists and ankles were secured.  The timer was started again. Mistress Beth got on top, sitting on my face, saying “put your tongue to work boy”.  As I worshiped her sex, I could feel the other two Mistresses playing with my exposed cock and balls; there was a mixture of a Wartenberg wheel, and a crop.  It was truly a sweet and sour experience.

When I completed my turn, each of the other two slaves mounted the table in turn and serviced my Mistress and Mistress Beth.  I spent my time as a waiter, making sure the other two Mistresses were served with food and drink as they tortured the slave in the position of “honor”.
Mercifully, this adventure came to an end.  I wondered what they had next in store for us.  We were then tied to chairs, in a line, and blindfolded.  There was another larger chair facing us.  My Mistress then spoke:  “Well boys, we have each been serviced twice, and you three have provided reasonable service to us.  It is time for us to express our thanks, and we think the best way to do that is to let each of you get sucked off.
By each other.”
In short, we were to service and be serviced by one of the other slaves, but we would never know whom.  Mistress came to me and whispered in my ear:  “you are going to get sucked first, boy”.   I was untied and Mistress led me to the free chair, securing my arms to the chair. I then heard one of the other slaves being untied and led, blindfolded to my chair.  He then knelt in front of me, and took my cock in his mouth.  I could hear the Mistress laugh at the sight of their “queers” in action.

This was not something I wanted, but Mistress wanted it (and besides, what could I do, secured to the chair) so I took it.  It took the slave a while, but eventually I came in his mouth.
I sat the next round out, and because I was out of the action, I heard the Mistresses they were really enjoying this!

Finally, round three came, and my Mistress whispered in my ear “do me proud”.  She untied me and led me to the chair, and had me kneel in front.  She pushed my head slightly forward, and I took a cock in my mouth and began sucking.  Again I heard laughter.  It took a while, but eventually the slave came in my mouth and we were both led back to our chairs.
Our blindfolds were then removed, and we were released from the chairs.  Each of us then knew we had sucked one of the other slaves and been sucked by the other, but we did not know whom.  The mistresses were delighted at our humiliation.
Then Mistress announced that they had a special treat.  We were being swapped for the week.  We would spend the weekend with one of the Mistresses and then be at her beck and call for the rest of the week.  There would be another party next Friday night where we would be returned to our owners.  Mistress whispered in my ear: “Do well boy and I will give you a great time next weekend.”  That was all the incentive I needed.
I was assigned to Mistress Amy.  No need to get dressed, I was already there.
The Descent into Hell
My usual service to Mistress consisted of some humiliation, oral servitude, and domestic chores.  She sometimes had friends over (I had met Mistress Amy that way) and had me serve them in the nude.  I expected more of the same this weekend.
Shortly after the party broke up, Mistress Amy’s boyfriend, Master Richard, showed up.
Mistress Amy described what had happened at the party, and Master Richard seemed to enjoy the tale of my humiliation.  But he had a question:  “You have sucked cock, but never taken it in the ass, have you?

I replied that I had not, and he said “I think I should remedy that”.  He had me lean over a chair, went to the kitchen, returned with a tub of Crisco and lubricated me.  He then got behind me, or his Crisco kid, as he now called me, and rammed me hard.  Mistress Amy was just laughing at the whole scene.  Eventually he was done, and Mistress Amy had me turn and kneel in front of Master Richard and thank him for permitting me to be of use.  I was also allowed to remove and dispose of the condom he had used (thank goodness for small favors).

Mistress Amy excused herself to take a shower, and Master Richard had me lean once again over the chair.  He said:  “I think I will amuse myself by giving you a nice whipping” and proceeded to do just that.  I had been whipped by women before but Master Richard really put himself into this.  In a few minutes, I was hopelessly in pain.  I thought about begging him to stop, but I did not want to let Mistress down, so I just took it.

Eventually Mistress Amy returned from her shower, wearing a beautiful short lace nightgown.  Even though I was in pain, I began to have an erection just looking at her.  Mistress Amy and Master Richard just laughed at my erection, and then he excused himself to take his shower.

While he was gone, Mistress Amy told me I was to serve as the personal maid for both of them.  I would get him ready for sex and clean up after sex; I would sleep on the kitchen floor and prepare them breakfast in bed and then, on Saturday, make myself useful around the apartment.  Saturday night they were having friends over, and I would serve as party maid.

Master Richard came from the shower, wearing a pair of pajamas.  He sat down on the couch, Mistress Amy next to him, and they starting some petting.  After a little while, Mistress Amy suggested that we go to the bedroom.   When we got there, I turned down the covers, helped Mistress Amy removed her nightgown, and then removed Master Richard’s pajamas.  All of these items were neatly folded on a chair in the bedroom.  Then Master Richard had me put a condom on him, and get his cock nice and hard.

I was then ordered to kneel by the side of the bed and watch them in action.  That was pure torture.  Their love making was truly exciting to me, and the torment that I was this near, and yet so far from bedding Mistress Amy was true agony.

After they finished, I removed Master Richard’s condom and cleaned Mistress Amy up.  I was then dismissed for the night and went to the kitchen, where Mistress Amy had thoughtfully provided a small mat for me to sleep on.  Of course, I was in a combination of excitement from watching them in the bedroom and Master Richard’s whipping that it took me a long time to fall asleep.
In the morning, I served them breakfast in bed.  They then decided to go out and take a long walk in the park.  I was left to clean the apartment.  It really needed it.  Mistress Amy was a stunningly beautiful woman, but her slave bill was a terrible housekeeper.  It took me most of the day, but I got the place sparkling.
They came back about 3, and reminded me that friends were coming over for an early dinner at 5.  I quickly got the place ready.  When the guests, two couples, came, I greeted them in the nude.  Because this was a party, Mistress Amy had purchased a pair of 4” heels for me to wear while serving.
They were amused to see me as the slave.  They were told that they could use me in any way they chose.  One of the women was quite adventuresome, and took me back to the bedroom so I could worship her sex with my tongue, and one of the men wanted his cock serviced.  The other two guests initially declined, but eventually let me service them as well.  In this case, I lay down on the bed, let the woman get on my face, while the man applied a menthol gel to my cock and balls.  That stung!  Then they changed places, and the woman massaged my cock and balls, menthol gel still in place, as I serviced her husband.
I was, of course, required to thank them for the pleasure of serving them.
After they left, I cleaned up the dishes.  I had been told that I would be done by 9:00 Sunday night and the time was fast approaching.  Then Mistress Amy sprang the surprise:
“Boy, as you know, you belong to me for the week. You are free during the day to go about your job, but the nights belong to me.  I must go out of town early in the morning for a weeklong business trip, so I am transferring you to Master Richard.  Report to his place at 7:00 tomorrow night, freshly shaved and showered”.
Master Richard then explained his plan to me.  He had invited several of his friends to drop by during the week.  I would be serving them, wearing only my heels, and would be required to service each of the men as they desired.  On request, each male guest could require me to go with him to the bedroom and grant them their pleasure.  It was going to be a long week.
I showed up at 7:00 the next night.  Master Richard had me lean over a kitchen chair, preparing his “Crisco Kid” for the evening.
Three men dropped by that evening.  Each one took me to the bedroom; when we got there, I knelt and said “mouth or ass, sir?” and responded appropriately.  That night, two said mouth and one said ass.  Master Richard said I could go at 10:00.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights were essentially repeats, but as word of my availability spread, the number of guests rose: six on Tuesday, eight on Wednesday and fourteen on Thursday.  Eight of those fourteen said “ass” so by the end of the evening I was really dragging.

Friday night did not come soon enough.  I reported once again at Mistress Amy’s house; she had just gotten in from her business trip.  Mistress and Mistress Beth were also present along with their slaves.  Everyone agreed that the place looked a lot cleaner than it had in the past.  Each Mistress then told what she had done with her “guest slave” during the week.  Without going into boring details, suffice it to say that my “experience” was by far the most exotic.

The party broke up early, and Mistress took me back to her apartment.  On the way, she told me she was quite proud of me, and that she had a reward.  When we got home, she left me, nude, kneeling in the living room, while she took a shower.  She then came back into the living room, wearing only slinkiest of night gowns.  She turned off most of the lighting, and then came over to me.

“You really made me look good with Amy and Beth.  I am sure we will get a lot of invitations to future parties.  I did promise you a reward, and I will give it.  Tonight, you may have your way with me.”

And I did.

It made the entire week worthwhile.

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