Frankie Boi’s Weekend Trip

I had summoned Fankie Boi down from Canada to service me for the weekend.  I was waiting for him at the local motel , when he called my cell phone.

” Mistress, I think I am close”, he said.

” How do you know that?” I asked.

” Well, My GPS, says I am here, and I see the motel sign, ” he answered.

He could be such a smart ass sometimes.  I guess that was one of the things I loved about him, that and his fierce loyalty and dedication..

” You Pathetic Fool, ” I started, ” Just come to room 8.”

“Yes, Mistress, ” he answered.

Ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door. Knowing it was him, i shouted to him to come in.

I was sprawled out across the bed in a red negligee and a pair of  fuck me pumps.

” Don’t just stand there with your cock bursting, Frankie Boi.  Go rinse off in the shower and put on a cute outfit for me. ”

“Right away,  Mistress, ” he answered.

Frankie Boi stepped out of the bathroom ten minutes later transformed into my femmed up toy. He was wearing a pair of pink bikini panties and matching lacy pimk bra. I loved his red wig, I thought it paid homage to me actually.

” You look stunning , Darling, ” I said to him.

” Thank you Mistress, ” he said falling to his knees.” How may I be of service to you?”

“Mistress needs serviced, ” I said spreading my legs and exposing my womanhood. Placing a  a finger inside, swirling it around, I took it out and stuck it in his mouth.

” Are you hungry Frankie Boi? I teased him.

” Oh yes , Mistress. Please may I service you?” he begged.

I crawled up to the pillows and motioned for him to follow .

” Now Lick, Bitch!” I ordered.

He swirled his tongue in and around the wet wall of womanhood. up and down, until he reached my engorged clitoris. I took his fingers and put them on my swollen nipples and had him fondle them as he licked and sucked my clit. This heightened my pleasure, I began to grind into his face. I latched onto his tongue as if it were a cock and pushed my fleshy mound into it. I kept grinding, orgasm, after orgasm kept coming. I was squirting the more he fondled my nipples., the faster I fucked his face. My pussy was now a bowl of pudding. I took my heel and stepped on his cock and could feel it was made of stone. I knew that with as sensitive as my clitoris was if I felt him against me now I would have even more orgasms.

” You fucking Dog. Fuck me like the dog that you are!” I screamed at him.

” Yes, Mistress, ” he answered.

I bent down on all fours on the bed. He  entered me from behind, just as I had commanded. Long, slow strokes turned into heated thunderous pounding. His hands reached under and cupped my breasts going for the nipple. My excitement was intensified. I screamed for him to go harder and faster. I felt myself being stimulated beyond belief. The faster he went, the more intense my orgasms became. I could feel his testicles tense up.  I gave him the order.

” Release it,  Frankie Boi!” I commanded.

In a heated passionate rush I felt  endless ribbons shoot into me.

” You own me, Mistress. I adore You, ” he breathlessly proclaimed in my ear as we fell into a heap on the bed.

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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