Asher by R. Ashtray

a lit cigarette in an ashtray
a lit cigarette in an ashtray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first ashes

I was not too young nor too old to know what I wanted in life,,, I
wanted to please the women around me, my older sister and my mother.
Since I was born and before my mother was a smoker, there were
pictures of her breast feeding me while smoking a cigarette, so it was
never a question of having a problem with smokers though it was never
a habit that I myself picked up.  I felt it wasn’t my thing and I
never succumb to that type of peer pressure but note I said “that
type.”  My sister, Becky, and I were both still in school; she was
among the more popular, the cool kids and had a reputation for being a
bit on the wild side though I never saw it.  Her grades were
impeccable, homework done before dinner, in her bedroom early every
night and school activities every weekend.  She was among the favored
of the football team but even some of the nerdier kids in school
worshipped her and not just for her hourglass figure.

Mom was very much the same, a little more full figured, but where it
counted.  When I say I was breast fed she could have fed me and half
the block.  As a child I learned to cook early, clean, and do many
chores and did so because it brought a smile to the faces of the girls
in my life.  My father was around, sometimes, but more often than not
gone on business.  When I was old enough to go to the store on my own
she would send me for cigarettes.  When they passed laws against
selling to minors I was sent to one specific store where the clerk
knew my mother well enough but I was not sure how since I had never
once seen her in the store.  I remember going in one time and a lovely
red haired woman, sexy and plumb, again curvy but more so than mother,
refused to sell me the cigarettes until Roy, the familiar one told her
Charlotte, relax, he’s Rosie’s kid.  She quirked a brow and chuckled
in a deep throaty way that told me she’d likely been smoking longer
than my mother had.  She handed me the pack, winked at me and asked
the oddest question with a lilt in her voice as though praying I would
answer positively.  “You an asher?”  I thought she was asking my last
name so I corrected her.  She pouted with a full bottom lip you would
want to nibble on and spoke teasingly “give it time cupcake and maybe
one day you will be for both of us.”  Roy laughed and told her
something about dibs of another kind but I did not hear nor understand
their humor.

As time went on and the years passed I got to know Charlotte and Roy
very well but the humor still never made any sense to me.  I was a
late bloomer not only sexually but spiritually as well and more things
than I care to admit went over my head but for the first time I
noticed that something was changing inside of me.  Sure I found a lot
of people attractive at school and on tv and rubbed one out more times
than I could count to images of the head cheerleader, Becky’s best
friend but one night I went to get mom her smokes and Charlotte was
outside smoking herself and the image of her taking her long drag from
the cigarette, the way her cheeks hollowed as she did, the soft
billowing smoke around her full lips and the blue stream as she
exhaled really caused a stirring within.  I went up and talked to her
and through the conversation she smoked two cigarettes and I think she
knew the effect it was beginning to have on me as halfway through the
first she stopped blowing the smoke away from me out of politeness and
instead exhaled directly in my direction while she spoke.  She grew a
little closer with her hand perched near her mouth for easy access to
her cigarette for another drag and all the while something was on her
mind.  She asked me for a light of her second one and something again
stirred inside as I offered her a light with the bic I carried with me
always.  Towards the end of the discussion she leaned in and whispered
near breathlessly “Let me know when you’re an asher, okay?  I really
need one.”  I stammered “I can be one… right?  How will I know?”

She smiled.  “That’s sweet cupcake but I can’t make you into one…
you’ll know when it happens.”  With that she moved past me grazing my
body with hers.

That night I got home and Becky and Val, the one whom I more than once
spilled my balls to and they were sitting at the table playing cards
and mom was at the kitchen counter.  I walked in and mom smiled.  “Oh
it’s about time but these simply will not be enough now that we have
company.  Go back and get me another two packs.”  I was curious about
this as I didn’t see anyone else and my sister and friend were
cheerleaders.  They did not smoke.  I made my way back and Charlotte
teased me that I came back for more.  When I told her yes she told me
it’s not what she meant.  I didn’t get it and she pouted that lovely
pout.  Back home I handed mom the cigarettes and she asked me to be a
special dear today and help with her impromptu party.  I said I would
be delighted to help her out and she smiled, wrapped a pink apron
around me and had me cutting up vegetables and making spicy ranch dip
while she and the two girls sat and played cards and, to my
astonishment with sister and friend, smoked.  Now I had confusion in
my head.  My sister was a good girl and simply did not do such things
but more than that I suddenly had a new look on smoking thanks to the
delightful Charlotte.  I excused myself and asked for a few moments to
go shower from the sweat in my clothes and the day.  My mom said it
would be fine but to only wear shorts when I came back out as the
kitchen would be getting hot.  I quirked a brow but she snapped her
fingers, a mouth full of smoked and commanded “Do it” and blew the
smoke right in my face.

In the shower I beat off twice once to Charlotte, the thought of her
lips on the cigarette or on me and the second time to my sisters’
friend but in both jerk-off sessions they were smoking.  I returned to
the room dresses just in socks and shorts.  The room was a bit smoky
and I went to the counter.  My mom came up behind me and pressed
herself against my back setting a glass down beside me with little ice
and smelling of rum.  She leaned in pressing her chest to my back and
whispered in my ear “Fill it for me” with little pretense of it being
a request.  I nodded and filled the glass but before I could turn
around she reached past me and grabbed the glass pushing me against
the counter and my re-emerging erection getting crushed between myself
and it.  “Next time” she whispered “don’t take so long that I have to
get my own drinks.”  My sister and Val asked for drinks as well and my
mother obliged but told me to add coke to theirs.  I did so without
question.  I brought the drinks to the girls and Val smiled and blew a
long plume of smoke from her sexy Angelina shaped lips and winked.
“Thank you boy.”  Becky laughed.

Something about the trivialized way she addressed me caused something
low to stir much more than it should have.  My mother stood up and
walked to the family room and the two girls followed her close behind
all of them swaying their hips and moving delightfully.  I noticed mom
was in her tightest jeans and a fairly snug white t-shirt which could
not help but hug around her bountiful breasts; topping it all off were
wonderful heels.  I didn’t know why but I assumed she had been out or
planned to go out.  The girls were both in cut-off jeans and t-shirts,
also tight, but not as much as my mother.  Val wore a green shirt that
said “Kiss my Irish eyes” and over each breast was another shade of
green in the shape of an eye while Becky wore a purple shirt with no
logo.  They were both barefoot.

I followed behind them all carrying the tray that had the snacks they
were munching on.  My mother leaned down at the tv, bending only at
the hips and pushed the dvd player closed.  The movie that came on was
some romantic flick that I had never seen before and had trouble
following because my eyes rarely left Val as she was the only one I
felt comfortable staring at.  About twenty minutes into the movie I
hear my mother shaking her glass and the ice rattling around within.
I move to her to retrieve the glass and soon the other two were doing
the same.  “This time lose the coke, boy” Val said sexily almost
purring.  I looked to my mom who nodded.  While I was in the kitchen I
heard Val calling over “And bring me an ashtray!”  I made the drinks
and grabbed one of the glass ashtrays my mother kept from various
locations we’d stayed over the years.  I placed it in front of her as
I set the drink down.  I handed drinks to Becky and mother who  asked
me where the other ashtrays were as she placed a long cigarette
between her lips.

I went back to the other room again and searched but could only find
one.  I brought it back into the room and looked between my sister and
mother who were not sitting near to one another.  None of them were.
If looks could kill I would say my mother had pure venom in hers.
“Give that to your sister and get over here, boy” she spat through
near gritted teeth smoke billowing through her lips.  I placed the
ashtray in front of my sister who tapped her ashes to the glass and
returned to my mother.  She grabbed my hand and placed an ice cube in
my hand allowing it to melt some and then flicked her ash into my
hand.  I jerked back and spilled the ash to the floor.  She swung out
and smacked my face ordering me to clean it up.  I did immediately.  I
was embarrassed and could hear the two girls giggling.  I tried to
stammer out an apology but nothing came.  She grabbed my hand again
and flicked her ash this time without the benefit of the ice.  It
stung for only a second and probably not even that long.  She smiled
at me.  “See boy you can be useful after all.”  She continued to use
my hand until her cigarette was near done.  I feared the worst but was
surprised.  “Val, darling, be a sweet slut and bring your ashtray over
here.”  She did and sat beside my mother.  She placed the glass
ashtray in my hand and then crushed out her cigarette.  I placed it
down and noticed that Val had just lit another one.  I went to grab
the ashtray again but the look in my mother’s eyes spoke volumes.  I
held my hand out and Val began using it.

Not to be outdone my sister was soon on the other side and smoking.  I
offered her my other hand.  There I was kneeling in front of my mother
who looked like a lioness ready to pounce upon an unsuspecting gazelle
and the look thrilled me.  “So lovely a boy to offer his hands to two
women in the house who need his services but what shall the boy offer
the true Goddess of the house?”  Where was this coming from?  I tried
to move a hand towards her but she shook her head and smacked me in
the face as she lit a cigarette and took a long pull on the slim white
cylinder.  She exhaled the smoke into my face and down below I was
suddenly throbbing uncontrollably.  Val noticed it and giggled.

“Oh Mrs. Reynolds I think he likes that.”  My mother looked down and
took another drag and leaned in closer exhaling the smoke in my face.
I inhaled deeply through my parted lips and my throbbing seemed to
pulse with my heartbeat.  My eyes jerked open when I felt the tip of
mothers’ fingers slip between my lips and pull my mouth open.  I did
not fight it.  She took another drag and blew it in my face.  I was on
fire.  She then held the cigarette out and flicked the ash into my
open mouth.  My eyes flew open I am sure and I jerked back stumbling
backwards and falling on my ass.  Nimble as a cat my mother moved from
the couch and straddled my chest knees on either arm holding me down.
I was strong enough to get her off of me but it was the look in her
eyes and the looks in Val and Becky’s eyes as they moved closer,
predators moving in for the kill that made me not move a muscle.
Mother had me part my lips again.  She tapped her cigarette and the
ash fell into my mouth soon followed by my sister and Val’s.  They
repeated this for some time before my mother let me up and informed me
that this was my duty for the remainder of the night.  The girls would
get their own drinks, the glass ashtray would be for the cigarette
butts but my tongue would take the ashes and there I remained for the
night until half past 2am when Val and Becky retired to Becky’s room
and my mother, now very drunk and very tired, passed out on the couch.

I lay in bed that night and listened to my sister and her friend
having sex with one another in the other room and from time to time
heard them mention my name before the moans would grow louder.

In the morning I woke and showered and jerked off to thoughts of parts
of the night before only in my head I was the one making Val moan out
loud and there was no scene of my mouth being used at all but rather
would inhale the sweet blue smoke.  It aroused me and thrilled me and
I could hardly stand it when I could smell the smoke coming from down
the hall.  I emptied my balls in the shower, dried off and got dressed
for a day of yard work, swimming, and hanging out with my best friend
from school.  When I made my way to the kitchen my mother was there in
a sheer and sexy purple satin negligee and lighting a cigarette while
talking on her phone.  “No Scotty, he actually won’t be able to come
down today.  Yes, I know he promised he’d help but you know how
inconsiderate he can be at times.”  I was shocked and she laughed.
“Yes, I know.  I will make sure to tell him that and I understand your
anger though I think those are harsh words.”  I tried to make my way
to grab the phone but her gaze once more hit me and I stopped in my
tracks.  She moved towards me, sauntering as she did, each step a
deliberate act of power; stalking her prey once more.  She mouthed the
words “get on your knees, now” as I could hear a very angry Scott on
the other end of the phone.  She looked down as I found myself once
more obeying her and mouthed “open up, asher.”

I did as I was told and it suddenly hit me.  Asher.  Charlotte wanted
to use me as her ashtray.  My cock throbbed.  Mother continued to talk
with Scott and flicked her ashes into my mouth as she smoked.  “Yes
Scotty I agree that he should be punished most severely.  In fact I
think I know exactly how to teach him some manners.  Again, I am sorry
Scotty.  Tell your mother I said hello and ask her to stop by sometime
soon, okay?  Bye bye handsome.”  She hung up the phone and tapped her
ashes to my tongue.  “Scott is not happy at all that you decided to
stay home all day and thinks you need a lesson in manners.  I think
he’s right.”

“But I didn’t do anything.  “ I tried to speak and
her hand once more found the side of my face knocking me back to the

“Timothy… my boy, you must understand that after last night” she
paused and looked down at me, “that what you have to say really does
not matter anymore.”


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