The Christmas Tree

English: Pine tree forest മലയാളം: പൈന്‍ മരക്കാട്
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I took John out into the woods to pick out an X-mas Tree when I spotted just the right one.

“Over here, John,” I called out to him.

My Red Headed Slut took his sweet time getting to me in forest of pines, so I thought perhaps I had better teach him a lesson. With a twinkle in my eye I grabbed the rope from his hands and tied him to to the prickly pine tree. That should teach him for dragging his feet. I proceeded to pull the scarf from my head and , tying it around his mouth gagged him.

I had received a new strap on and was dying to break it in, down came John’s pants, as I rammed my way in. Hard and fast, deep were my thrusts,  John began to moan, both from pain and pleasure.  Grasping a big handful of hair I went in as far as I could go,  bringing both the slut and I to an orgasm quite like we’ve never felt before.

I pulled the ropes loose, and took the gag from around my bitch, noticing how he had sprayed the tree with artificial snow.

I waited in the warm car as John cut the tree, and brought it to the car.

“Merry Christmas,  Mistress. You picked out a fine tree this year, ” he said as he revved up the engine.



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