The Real Eunuchs of Beverly Hills

Having financially dominated their husbands to the hilt and rendering them to nothing more than Trophy Husbands who spit out money like ATM machines, Sharon, Mary, Patti, and Nancy were meeting for lunch one day when they spotted one of their neutered husbands strolling down the street with me.

“Patti, that  looked an awful lot like your husband , Graham, walking down the street with that leather clad woman,” Nancy chided, sipping on her glass of wine.

“Don’t be silly. Graham knows we have to keep up appearances for our TV Reality show, ” Patti said, trying to explain it away.

Patti knew the truth. Her husband Graham was walking down the street with his Mistress.  Their marriage was a complete sham and they were staying together so that Patti could have her fifteen minutes of fame , so to speak. Patti could not give her husband what he needed, and yearned for. Sure . she was a money hungry bitch, but she lacked the soul and depth it to took to provide proper guidance and discipline that a man in power needs to help him unwind through a Total Power Exchange. Graham was Owned by his Mistress, and was getting tired of living the lie with Patti.

That evening at home Patti confronted Graham and a heated altercation of words ensued.

“How dare you parade your whore up and down Rodeo Drive for everyone to see. I have a reputation in this town!” Patti shrieked like a harpee.

“First of all, she is not my whore. I am her whore.  I will do what ever she suggests to relieve my stress. I work for a living, unlike you who simply spends every last dime I make.  You give me nothing in return and she sustains me. I owe her my existence, because of her I am reading for parts again, my self esteem and confidence have returned.”

“I demand you sever all ties with this woman at once if you want to keep me. You better think long and hard about this, because we will lose our Reality TV Show if this shit gets out you kinky son of a bitch!”Patti screamed desperately.

“Patti, look the show ran its’ course.  Now it is time to bury it  along with our marriage. Oh, don’t worry, I will give you a nice little settlement. I just want my life back. I need to work, and my mistress has me ready to do that.”

Graham and Patti did divorce, and she lost her little Reality TV show, so sad. Graham now has an acting gig for a cable network.

A Powerful Mistress can and will bring a man back to life….


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