Meandering through life, latching on to souls
Sucking out their life force, I was so very needy
Like a leech, sucking blood, I would drain them dry
A soul stealing vampire I had become, oh yes
And I preyed not only by day but also by night

I would weave a fantastic web, and draw you in
Not Knowing that I myself was trapped in the middle
Who sucked who, I often wonder looking back now
I lost my soul, because I was just so damn needy
What could I do, how could I escape? Was there an end?

The silky threads in my web weakened one fine day
Spirallng to the floor , far, far below, landing on my feet
I noticed that I could walk on my own, without a fly in a web
I began to feel strong, with every move I made, each new stride
I needed me, that is why I was needy, I needed to walk alone



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