Her Disciples


“Welcome Goddess,” Lisa heard as  she was helped off the boat by a group of scantily clad dark haired men. They all gathered around her, bowing down and kissing her feet the moment she stepped onto dry land.

There were eight of them on this Greek Isle.  Dimitri, who’s piercing eyes sparked through to her soul. Stavros , who had a gentle touch that warmed her heart. Petros the one with a fierce loyalty that meant everything to her. Nikkolas, the intellectual one, his companionship sustained her. There was John, a true charmer and her bit of eye candy.  Fabian and Cyprian were the shy ones, always in the background, content to serve their Goddess with no glory. Lastly there was Jakkob, a man child who did not know his own strength. She adored them all in her own way.

After salutations they led her to their humble dwelling, an ancient Catholic Church in near ruins. These eight men had made it somewhat habitable, and had even built a shrine to their Goddess. This was Goddess Lisa’s Monastery, and these were her devout followers. Inside the Church there were restored living quarters for her order of disciples and an altar with a statue cast in her image. Roses and grapes were strewn at the base of the statue. One by one the disciples walked by the altar and kissed the feet of the statue , tears streaming down their faces.

Dimitri took his place at the pulpit to deliver the Mantra.

“Everything we are, everything we do, we owe to The Supreme Most High Goddess Lisa. She is our light. She is our life force. She is our salvation.  Goddess Lisa is everything. Without her we are nothing. Goddess Lisa is Love, light and life.”

The men repeated the mantra three times.

Dimitri led their Goddess up to the altar. Her disciples took turns washing her feet, massaging them, licking them. All the while Dimitri rubbed her neck, sloughing off the stress from the outside world. Oh how she adored these men, and could feel their genuine sincerity radiating from their devotion having given up everything for her

She felt the heat rise inside her, as Dimitri helped her disrobe. These men lived to worship, obey and serve her.  Dimitri helped her take her place naked on top of the altar.

“Worship your Goddess, ” she commanded.” Offering her nipple to Jakkob, the rest of the men followed suit licking and suckling her. Juices began to flow freely as they brought her to a fever pitch of excitement, taking turns giving her orgasm after orgasm.

“Gather around your Goddess, and spill your seed at my feet, ” she commanded them. Before long their massive cocks were exposed and they were masturbating for their Goddess, to make an offering of fertility to her. The men softly recited the mantra, as Dimitri mounted her with his piercing eyes looking straight through to her soul.  His thrusts pounded rhythmically with her fast heart beat, her nails clawing up his back as he whispered his devotion in her ear. She writhed and pushed her fleshy mound up to meet every thrust until they both exploded in a thunderous waterfall.


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