Prince’s Fantasy

SLUT (Photo credit: Rune Hammersland)


Imagine us meeting for
coffee.  You are docile and compliant, polite and respectful.  I am pleased and decide to take you to my apartment for some further testing.  We walk in
and I coolly direct you to “stand there”.  Obediently,
you do as I say, trembling with anticipation. I sit
on my couch and tell you me to strip.  It only takes you a
moment, because you are only wearing a pair of shorts and a
shirt…no underwear.


I command you  “crawl to me slut” and you i do so, kneeling.
Walking to you as I slip a shoe off  my foot.  I
stop your  forward motion by placing the ball of my foot on
your chest and inquire, “i’m not sure that you’re willing to
submit utterly to me, slut.  Are you?”


“Oh, yes, Mistress, I’m so very desperately eager to
pleasure you, to be your complete whore dog.  The idea
of being on Mistress’s collar and leash, makes me feel faint
with desire.”


My foot drops to my cock and I  play with it a bit
with my bare foot.  It begins to rapidly
stiffen.  “Your description of masturbation was
weak…show your Owner how you masturbate when you dream of
being her dog.”


You begin to stroke…trying to please me, not so much
trying to get off.  But slowly, you begin to stroke more
vigorously, with your softly cupped hand,  your left hand resting
on my hip as you play with your cock for  me..


“Suck Mistress’s toes as you play with your cock, you
shameless slut.”  I  hold  my foot up to you  and you
begin avidly licking my foot, sucking  each toe.  You
smell my cunt.  “You are a shameless slut aren’t you,
Prince?  You’ll do anything I command you to, won’t
you??  You are nodding eagerly. “You’re a slave to your
nasty little kinks, aren’t you?  You want to confess to
me about your Sister, don’t you, you nasty slut, don’t
you?”  “Oh, yes, Mistress, i do.  i’ll do whatever
you say. and I need to be controlled, punished,


“Stop masturbating, slut.”


You stop as Mistress commands.  You stand up , my
steamy cunt inches away from your nose.  “Slut, I’m going
to my bedroom for a few minutes…remain here.”  I
saunter off, leaving  you  confused, aroused and
desperate.  After five minutes you venture  towards my bedroom.
“Mistress?”  No response, but  you hear music playing


You  drop to all fours and crawl to my door, which is
cracked open.  As you peer though, you see that it is dim,
but that my bathroom is lit and the door is cracked slightly.  The music beckons.  You crawl to your
bathroom and peek.  I am standing before  my
mirror, which  you cannot see.  It is as if I am an
actor on stage waiting to begin a performance.  Did you
expect me to come to you?  Do you know I’m there?
I begin to strip…



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