The Way of The Mistress

While servicing one of my clients today, I came right out and asked him if I was his Mistress when our session was over. He laughed a rather naughty and wicked little laugh.  I adore him, and always have.  He is fun and quirky and can has a keen sense of rhythm.  Infact, out of all the boys in the band I think he is my all time favourite.  Naturally, I asked him what he meant.

” Having a Mistress isn’t exactly something you claim. It’s more like something you deny.”

Seems my singer in a rock and roll band is just a tad bit smarter than a few pro athletes and politicians I won’t mention here.

Nothing is sexier than intelligence.

He knows where to come to make all of the stress go away. Through submission to me, his power is released in a beautiful symphony known as Total Power Exchange. During our sessions he worships and adores me, living only to please me, and follows my commands to the letter.

Because of these therapy sessions he is not a neurotic mess, or drug addicted waste of oxygen. He is able to thrive in the high demanding world of his fast paced career.

Time spent with a good Mistress can achieve the same affects as a therapist, so long as your Mistress is learned, and not a treacherous money grubbing financial dominatix, of whom I have no respect.  A truly good Mistress will break you down. Test your limits, but at the same time build you back up and restore your self worth to increase your productivity in the world. This is the way of the Mistress.


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